Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, let's hope 2013 is a good year despite it's unlucky name.  

One of my resolutions is to start blogging regularly again. A post every five months isn't really good enough is it!  

Here are a few highlights in pictures from 2012.

A picture from our fabulous holiday to Florida back in August.  I wasn't really looking forward to going that much as we have done Florida a few times before and I knew the weather was going to be rediculously hot.  We had such a great time though, lots of relaxing in the pool as well as doing the theme park.  The  kids loved Harry Potter world, it was very well done.

Daisy started Secondary school in September.  She has grown up so much since leaving her primary school in July.  She seems to have settled in really well and is working hard and making excellent progress.

Daisy turned 12 in September and enjoyed an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party.  The weather was really warm that day so the girls spent the whole party out in the garden, playing all the games they had devised themselves.

Alex and I went to the Paralympics at the beginning of September.  This was another gorgeous day and very inspiring. I was so impressed with the stadium, the fantastic athletes and the games makers, who were all so friendly.  My naughty son and his mate acquired the foam pointy fingers that the volunteers were using to guide the crowds!

I have been crocheting more blankets and am currently  working on a diagonal blanket (photos to follow).  I completed my first knitting project in December, a pair of lacey wrist warmers.  I bought these as a little kit from the stitching and knitting  show at Alexandra Palace.  I always go with my good friend Julia and we always enjoy the show and the day so much.  I bought some gorgeous yarn for my next blanket, I just need to decide on a pattern and finish the diagonal blanket first.

Julia and I decided to start a Friday morning craft and coffee at our local coffee shop.  We had some posters designed by my lovely sister in law and waited eagerly for the day to arrive. We weren't really sure if anyone would actually turn up but they did! We have a nice group of ladies who come along on a Friday morning for a couple of hours.  I am back working two days a week now so my Friday mornings are a real treat.

Christmas was good apart from Mr P having the Flu, it sort of passed him by as he spent three days in bed.  So here we are the start of a new year once more.  Resolutions have been made and I'm sure they will be broken just as quickly!

Till next time x x

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  1. Hi Alijane, popped by to say hello! I have found many lovely blogs, including yours and then add them to my favourites as there are so many!! So now I am just popping round to say hello. I love all your family photos, they are lovely. Your tastes sound very much like my own so I am looking forward to following you...come on, you can do it...would love to read another post.hehe ;) Looking forward to seeing those crochet blankets!! Karen