Saturday, 7 July 2012

It's raining again!

What a wet week we have had, I don't think our lawn has ever looked this green during the first week of July.  I have got to say, I am ever so slightly sick of getting wet.  On Friday I popped to have a quick coffee with a couple of friends straight after dropping off the children at school.  Only a ten minute walk to the coffee shop from school. By the time I had walked back home (which is a mere five minutes from my house) my jeans were water logged, the water had risen half way up the back of my calves! 

It is our local Summer fayre tomorrow which no doubt will be badly affected by the weather.  I think it may be a bit drier tomorrow but showers are still predicted.  Thank goodness Centre Court at Wimbledon has a cover now!

It has been a manic week, work is hectic, school is hectic the chores never go away, they just seem to pile up.  I am so looking forward to our Summer holiday (only just over a month away).  We are off to Florida for a couple of weeks of sunny weather (fingers crossed) and some fun.  We have been a few times before so know exactly what to expect and the children are really looking forward to going to Harry Potter at Universal Studios. 

At the beginning of June we did the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio tour (near Watford) which was excellent.  Daisy in particular is a massive HP fan, she read all of the books back to back a couple of years ago and loves to watch the films.  We had such a good day out.  It is exceptionally well done and even if you only have a vague interest in the films or books the whole insight into the world of film making is fascinating.  The work that goes into each film is amazing.

We have had a very musical week this week, it was our school's music concert on Thursday evening and today we went to our local music centres garden party.  Daisy is the musical one in our family, she plays the flute and saxophone and music really is her thing.  Alex is our sporty one, any sport will do but his first love is football.

Daisy heard this week that she had passed her grade 3 flute exam and she performed perfectly in the school concert doing both a solo piece on her flute and also performing in a trio.  It was a real proud parent moment, lots of parents came up to me to say how well and elegantly she plays the flute.  Daisy is not at all sporty so its great that she has found "her thing" to be good at.  She is desperate to learn to play the piano also.  I think she is hoping that her nanny and grandad might take pity on her and "sponsor" her lessons as we really can't afford to fund three music lessons a week. 

It's Daisy school prom on Friday night which she is so excited about.  She had a hair practise this week as she is desperate to have curly hair on the night.  Why is it that people with straight hair desperately want curls?  My hairdresser managed to work wonders with a curling wand so curls she will have.  It's amazing how much easier curly hair is to work with.  I put her hair into a pony tail after she had had it curled and it stayed in perfectly all day!  Daisy's hair is fine, thick and poker straight so doing anything with it other than having it straight is a nightmare.

Right its time for me to sign off, I have a mountain of ironing I could be doing, a house I could tidy, a million and one craft projects that I could be finishing but I think I might just go and have an early night instead! 

Till next time.


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