Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Happy Birthday Daisy xx

Just a quick post to wish Daisy a very happy 11th birthday.  It doesn't seem possible that eleven years have whizzed by in a flash -  where has my baby gone to? 

She has enjoyed her birthday even though it was her first day back at school.  We went out for a meal to celebrate this evening and then home for a slice of birthday cake.  She is having a trip to Wagammas and a sleepover on Saturday with a few friends to celebrate and then a family party on Sunday.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow as I have the day all to myself.  I need to catch up with a few jobs but then the rest of the day is all mine.  I really need to make a patchwork cushion for a friend of Daisy's who's birthday is on Monday or start the new roman blind for the landing window.  I really hope I wake up in a crafty mood!

All three of our hens are now laying eggs which is really exciting.  The joy of collecting warm eggs each morning is a real treat.  The hens have well and truly trashed the top end of our garden, they are like a trio of vandals, digging and scratching and generally trashing the joint!

We are having a log cabin (read as posh shed) delivered on Monday which we are going to use as an office.  We looked at moving house earlier in the year but decided to hold fire for a while longer as realistically we cant afford the type of house we want.  The new office should free up some space in the house and we will have a nice quiet space for working and homework.  Daisy will need this space especially when she goes to senior school next year. 

Hasn't the weather turned Autumnal?  There was a real chill in the air today.  I love Autumn but I wouldn't mind some sunny warm weather for a few more weeks.

Well I'm off for an early night, it took me ages to drop off last night, anyone would think it was me going back to school today and not the children!

I will leave you with some pictures of the birthday girl.  Till next time.