Monday, 29 August 2011

A Summer Catchup

Hello, I have finally found a spare half hour to sit down and type a long overdue update for my blog. The Summer has whizzed by in a flash, holidays have been and gone and on the whole we have had a lovely time. So what have we been up to I hear you say? Well we have spent bank holiday Monday in Brighton, it was a spur of the moment decision and a lovely day was had by all. We pulled silly faces for the camera.

Rode the horses three times!

Enjoyed being hamsters in silly air filled balls on a giant padding pool!

Spotted lots of lovely sugar mice in a shop window.

We had a lovely week away with our in-laws in Cornwall. The weather was pretty good for once and we even managed two whole days on the beach!! We also visited my all time favourite zoo in Newquay. It is such a lovely place to take the children, it's not too big or small and is very hands on. We fed meal worms to merecats and threw stinky fish to penguins, peted farm animals and generally had a lovely day.

We visit Trebah gardens which were beautiful and led down to a lovely little beach, the perfect place for a paddle and an ice cream.

Mr P practised his digging skills on the beach, why do children love to be buried?

And really big news on the chicken front, we have a layer, Henny Penny has laid us 6 lovely eggs in the last week. They are a bit on the small side (which apparently is normal) but today's egg was much bigger than the other 5. Just need the other two to start laying.

We have also been swimming and visited the cinema, had lovely evenings and days out with friends. Only a week left now until school starts again. I am nearly ready for a bit of routine, if I'm honest. I am not at my best when left to my own devices, routine suits me better.

I have managed a bit of hookie and am working on a granny square blanket, this time I am crocheting the squares in one colour per square, so not as many ends to sew.

Daisy is going to be 11 in just over a weeks time. I find it hard to believe that 11 years have flown by so quickly. She is growing up and simply wants a meal out, a bit of a shop and a small sleepover for her birthday.

Daisy was a very proud winner last weekend. We entered the local horticultural show, decorated cupcakes for Alex and Daisy and a chocolate Victoria sponge for me. Daisy won first prize and a cup, Alex came second and I won first for my sponge! I couldn't believe our luck, Daisy spent ages making sugar paste flowers and learning to pipe butter icing so was really a well deserved winner. Alex went for a patriotic red white and blue sprinkles on his cupcakes. We might try and enter some veg into the show next year.

Well time for bed, I really hope this post doesn't have massive gaps between text and pictures. I find using blogger such a chore. If anyone has any tips on how to improve the layout please post a comment.

Till next time.