Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A quick hello.

Evening all, sorry for the lack of posts, this is my first for March! Not sure were the weeks have gone to, they just seem to roll on by. I have been keeping up with blogland but just haven't felt the urge or had the inclination to post. I think blogging can be a bit like that, sometimes you have lots to say and other times you just want to listen to other people.

Life is good in the gingercat house, well, apart from the dishwasher finally packing up, breaking the liquidiser glass jug and the toaster stopping all in the space of three days! The dishwasher and the liquidiser both had to be replaced but luckily the toaster has been sent off to be repaired. I had to chuckle to myself, I took the toaster back to John Lewis and was told the repair would take anything up to four weeks and as Mr P only ever eats toast for breakfast during the week I knew I would have to invest in a cheapo toaster just to tide us over. Well can you believe I found a toaster in John Lewis for £5.65 and it comes with a year guarantee!

My quilting course is going well, I have finished the patchwork cushion and have bought some gorgeous fabric for the quilt that I have chosen to make next. I am at the cutting out stage at the moment and need to cut out 396 3 inch squares. I think I have managed about 40 so far. I am still a little nervous about using the measuring mat and rotary wheel but I guess by the time I have cut out all 396 squares I will feel a bit more at home with it all.

I have also made fairly good progress on my sisters birthday blanket. I have chosen a granny stripe as I find this fairly quick and not too greedy on the yarn. I have chosen some style craft yarn in six gorgeous dusky tones, its 80% acrylic and 20% wool. I think the colours are working really well together. Her birthday is a week on Monday, so I really do need to get a move on with it.

I am away on a girly weekend in Brighton this weekend with a group of mums from school. I am really looking forward to it. It will be lovely to see the sea, do a spot of shopping and generally have a weekend off from all mum duties. I am really looking forward to a meal that I haven't had to cook and several large glasses of wine! I am sure Mr P will cope fine, he can be very hands on when he chooses to be. I think the little ones are planning a day at London Zoo on Saturday if the weather is good and then swimming on Sunday. They won't even notice I'm not there they will be that busy!

No photographs tonight I'm afraid, the light is rubbish and I am very tired. I will post some pictures of my cushion and my gorgeous quilt fabric very soon and hopefully a taa daa picture of my sisters birthday blanket.

I'm off for a quick mooch around some of my favourite blogs and then an early night, I need all the sleep I can get between now and the weekend as I fear there will be lots of very late nights involved!

Till next time.