Thursday, 23 June 2011

At last - A post!!

Hello, well it's certainly been a few weeks since I last posted. I felt the need for a little bloggy break, life has been fairly hectic and the wonderful land of blog has taken somewhat of a back seat. But, I'm back and hopefully regular posting will be resumed.

My last proper update was way back in April, the day before the Royal Wedding. What a fabulous wedding day we had, definitely one to be remembered. We sat all morning and watched the wedding on the box and then enjoyed a fantastic street party with our friends. The weather held out and a fab time was had by all. I think we staggered home around 10pm. It was a day that made you feel proud to be British, we certainly know how to do pomp and ceremony with style. Didn't the bride look fabulous, I loved her dress, she is one stylish lady.

At the end of May, I had my usual outing to RHS Chelsea with my in-laws. Mr P always opts to stay at home with the little ones, he doesn't like the crowds at Chelsea. Once again, we had a fabulous day out. We spent the morning looking around the small gardens, had a nice lunch, and then we did the show gardens and the main marquee in the afternoon. We always manage to do lots and lots of shopping. Good job my in-laws are organised and always bring those little pull along trolleys with them.

This year, I made a big purchase of our chicken coop (as posted by Daisy) at the show. It was such a good price that I just had to have it. Mr P had to drive up and collect it at the end of the show (good job he didn't mind - he is pretty good like that!)

Here it is in all its chicken coop glory. We have fenced off the bottom part of the garden by our shed and playhouse, Mr P spent one Sunday making a fence and a little gate to keep the chickens in. They are kept in the coop over night but have free range in their part of the garden all day. I didn't realise just how much chickens scratch - boy do they love to scratch. Every morning I sweep all the wood chip back onto the chipped area, but by lunch time it looks as though I hadn't bothered.

Let me introduce you to them, here is Henny Penny, she's a white Orpington.

Here they all are on their perch, Henny Penny (on the left), Doris (she's a black birchen Orpington) and then top chicken, Mrs Featherbottom (she a partridge coloured Orpinton).

They are very funny to watch, I didn't realise just how close chickens are. They really don't do free thinking, they quite literally live as one. If one stretches a leg, then they all stretch their legs. The same with the perch, if one hops up then they all hop up. The chickens were an early birthday present for Daisy, so she has the fun job of cleaning out the poo and letting them out every morning.

We haven't had any eggs yet as they won't start laying until around 24 weeks. They are 20 weeks now, so not too long to wait.

Daisy had her very first residential trip away with school at the start of the month. She was very anxious about going but I think she enjoyed it. She really is a home bird, so I think she was very glad to come home at the end of the five days away.

On the crafting front thinks have been a little slow. Although I have managed to complete one very lovely baby blanket (picture to follow soon), I am halfway through a second baby blanket (the baby is due today!) and have got almost to the end of a granny square blanket that I started last Summer.

My patchwork quilt is coming along very slowly. As my class is on a Monday, it has suffered from far too many bank holidays plus the children have each had a Monday at home due to being poorly and then last Monday was sports day! I reckon I will be about 70 before it's finished.

My new job for the preschool is going very well. It keeps me busy but I am really enjoying it. It's so much better than cleaning!

Well time to sign off I think, this weekend we are camping overnight at school and then it's the football awards ceremony for Alex. Keep your fingers crossed for nice weather on Saturday please.

I will leave you with a picture from Chelsea - a gorgeous display of spring flowers, I love delphiniums, they are one of my favourites. Also a fabulour Alium growing in my garden. It was a whooper.

Till next time.

Alison x

PS does anyone know how to get rid of these massive gaps and spaces on my post. They are driving me mad!