Wednesday, 10 November 2010

A Quick Catch Up

Hello, just thought I would pop by and post a little update. Firstly, thank you for all your kind words and thoughts, they have made a very difficult time that bit easier to deal with and have been greatly appreciated.

I have spent the past week making the necessary funeral arrangements and I think all is now arranged. The funeral will take place a week today and to say I am dreading it is an understatement. I know it has to be faced up to but I feel so nervous about it all. I am not sure if my brother is coming (he hadn't spoken to my mum in 17 years and also whether my mum's companion will turn up drunk. He seems to have a drink problem which always escalates when he is stressed/upset. I have written to him and specifically asked him to respect our wishes and not to drink before the funeral. I guess alcohol is his way of coping and I try not to judge him for it but it is very difficult at times.

Emotionally I have been very up and down, which I guess is to be expected. I have tried to carry on with the every day things which definitely helps take your mind off things.

I have felt a bit under the weather today been suffering with a very sore head and achy glands, so I decided to spend the day at home in the warm, and managed a fair few hours of crafting which to be honest was just what I needed. I made my final item for my advent swap (obviously I can't show you that) andI had a go at crocheting snowflakes. They turned out fine and I even bothered to block and starch them. My project for this afternoon was a quilted patchwork cushion cover as per the pattern in Kirsty's Homemade Home book. I enjoyed cutting and sewing all the squares although I must admit my patchworking is a bit off, and some of the squares didn't line up perfectly but it wasn't bad for a first attempt. I am going to buy some quilting fleece and quilt the front of the cushion. I used some of the Amy Butler fat quarters that I bought at the Stitching and Knitting show last month. I love the colours they are so fresh and bright.

I have decided to have a go at making some tea cup candles. I have an abundant supply of vintage china, and will use some of my least favourite cups for candle making. I ordered a small starter kit from the Internet this evening. It will be something new and I am looking forward to having a go. Mr P also seems very keen to have a go (he has always had a minor obsession with anything flamable!)

Tomorrow is Alex's Victorian day at school, I offered to help out in class which should be fun. All the children have been asked to come into school wearing Victorian costume. Alex is going in as a street urchin, with flat cap, waist coat, grandad shirt and tatty trousers.

It was my birthday last Thursday and I made a conscious effort to try and have a good day and deliberately avoided making any funeral arrangements on that day. I had coffee with one friend straight after droping the little ones at school, was taken out for lunch by my good friend Julia and enjoyed a day of nice presents and being spoiled. Mr P treated me to a lovely Orla Keiley bag and purse and I got Kirsty Allsop's Homemade Home book from the little ones. I also had some lovely roses from a dear friend at school. My In-laws bought me a lovely necklace and earings and a very lovely birthday cake too. Thursday was a real highlight in what otherwise was a pretty awful and difficult week.

I am going to the Country Living show at the weekend with my MIL and Daisy. It sort of feels wrong going what with loosing my mum only last week, but it will definitely take my mind off of worrying about the funeral. I am also going out for a belated birthday meal on Sunday with my family which I am looking forward to also.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I will photograph all my swap makes and show them off once they have been received and opened by Pene.

Till next time.



  1. Just catching up on blogs, I'm so sorry for your loss and so close to your Birthday too!
    Sending much love and ((hugs)) your way!

    Beki xxx

  2. Oh Alison can't beleive you've finished your advent swaps!! I was away for a few days and still have 6 to go but promise you will have it all in time. Go enjoy the country living show, I think you more than deserve a little you time at the moment and a belated happy birthday .
    Big Hugs to you Pene x

  3. A Happy belated Birthday Alison, I'm glad you had a nice day amongst all the sadness. I hope you enjoy this weekend too, at least being busy will help keep you occupied. I hope the funeral goes as well as it can and that the person you mentioned behaves themselves. Sending you a hug. x

  4. Hi Alison I hope your feeling abit better and that you've survived what must have been a horrendously stressful week. My thoughts have been with youand your family.
    On a happier note could you please email me your address then I can post all your advent pressies which I hope will help cheer you.
    Lots of love and big hug
    Pene x