Sunday, 21 November 2010

Hello, almost another weekend over! Not sure where the time is going at the moment it just seems to be rushing by at break neck speed.

I am glad to report that my Mum's funeral on Wednesday went really well. My friend from church took the service, which was lovely and she said some really fitting and meaningful words in her address. Everyone turned up and behaved impeccably which was a massive relief. The weather was even kind to us with no rain or gales. I felt absolutely awful on Monday and Tuesday, but by Wednesday I had calmed down a lot and was ready to face up to the funeral and all that was necessary. I feel that I can start to comes to terms with my mums death now in my own time and start to focus on life once again. I still feel very up and down but things feel a lot better since the funeral.

I managed to do a bit of crafting this week, its really good therapy when you aren't feeling yourself. I had started a patchwork cushion the previous week but needed to buy some wadding and some calico. Well here it is, my first ever attempt at patchwork. Its not perfect, I am a devil for rushing things and wanting that feeling of instant gratification rather than taking my time and not rushing but I don't think it's too bad. What do you reckon to my Amy Butler fabric patchwork cushion?

I helped out at Alex's Victorian day the previous week, here is a rather rubbish picture of him, taken by Daisy, which may explain why they were all a bit blurred. Here he is the toothless wonder looking very cheeky chappy in his over sized cap.

The Country Living show last Saturday was worth a visit, I managed to buy a few more Christmas presents and a couple of little bits and pieces for myself. Daisy had a fab time, she was totally spoilt by her Nanny as per normal and came home with various bits and pieces.

We made our Christmas cake today, we did the cake in a bag by Delia from Waitrose. It was so so easy, why hasn't someone thought of this before. It smelt delicious too whilst it cooked and it looks fab if I say so myself. Just need to keep feeding it and then ice it just before Christmas. Here is Daisy giving it a big stir.

I still have lots of Christmas bits and pieces left to make so I really do need to get my skates on a bit. I have finished my advent swap for Pene and just need to post it out to her. I am worrying a bit that she won't like what I have made or bought for her. I really hope she does though.

I have made the decision not to use my car this week which if I'm honest is a bit of a pain in the bum. I am getting a new car on Friday morning and don't want to drive my old car as we are trading it in. We aren't getting a fortune for the old car but knowing my luck I will have a crash before Friday or the long standing minor problem with the clutch on the old car will turn into a major problem and will need fixing! I am determined to survive four days without driving. I have ordered my shopping this week online and have access to the local shops which are all within walking distance. I do find I use my car all the time when often it would be better for me and the environment to actually walk.

I am really looking forward to having a new car its been a long time coming! My old freelander has definitely earned its keep over the five years we have had it. The little ones haven't been kind to it either with all their muddy feet and food. I am determined to take better care of my new car!

Well I had better go, the laptop needs charging.

Till next time.



  1. Alison stop worrying I KNOW I'LL LOVE WHATEVER YOUR SENDING ME!! And I am extemely jealous the cushion is GORGEOUS!! This week will be a good week for you, the exercise will do you good and you have a new car to look forward to, not to mention a parcel!!
    Big hugs
    Pene x

  2. The cushion is lovely, well done! Walking around and getting fresh air will do you good, as long as it doesn't snow - they're saying we might get some :(

  3. The cushions beautiful and your son's costume's fab. He looks like Oliver x