Sunday, 28 November 2010

A Poorly House

Hello, I hope you have all enjoyed a good if not very cold weekend. It's been very cold here in Bucks. The thermometer hasn't moved above freezing all day, if fact I think it was still around -2 at lunch time.

We had a very light sprinkling of snow yesterday morning but that's about all. I think snow is forecast for the South East later in the week.

It's been a very poorly house here this week. Daisy only managed a day and a half at school this week as she has been struck down by a really horrible flu like cold. She has been really off colour poor thing. She still looked really under the weather today, so I'm not sure whether or not she will go back to school tomorrow.

Alex seems to have escaped the flu/cold but has instead opted for the see how many times it is humanly possible to be sick in one day competition. The poor mite has been so sick this afternoon and evening. He was even retching in his sleep. He has never been good when sick, once he starts to vomit it seems to take him forever to stop. He will be off school now at least until Wednesday as school have the 48 hours at home policy to try to stop the spread of these bugs. I do really hope we don't come down with it too. I have been flashing the bleach around like crazy to try and kill the germs!

I picked my new car up on Friday morning but unfortunately my clutch problem on the old car got worse on the way to the garage and ended up costing us an extra £200. It is so lovely to have a new and very clean car that is so quiet to drive. I haven't really had a proper drive yet due to poorly children but what I have seen so far has been good.

I need to get my act together this week and really get on with my Christmas crafts, I have so much still to do. I fear a lot of late nights are on the cards in order to get everything done on time.

I received my advent swap from the lovely Pene and can't wait to start opening on Wednesday. That reminds me, I really need to buy the little ones their advent calenders before then too.

Well it's only a quick post this evening with no photographs either, there really hasn't been anything worth capturing this week. It really has been a stay at home and nurse the poorly sort of a week. By Saturday I really did have a bad case of cabin fever.

Oh yes Saturday, how could I forget, I had a lovely day in London with my friend Sue yesterday. Mr P stayed at home with the poorlies whilst I gadded about in London. We did a spot of Christmas shopping in Covent Garden, had a gorgeous lunch in Wagamamas, a cup of tea and a cup cake in the Primrose Bakers (think Hummingbird Bakery but cheaper) and then headed off to see Dirty Dancing at the theatre. It was fab, I loved the dancing, singing and the fast pace of the show. We really did have a wonderful day out. I then caught the train back home to sickville and came back down to earth with a bump!

Here's hoping for a healthy week with the littleones getting better soon. I hate it when they are ill and all the worry that goes with it. I really don't think I can bare watching anymore Disney Channel whilst administering cuddles and calpol!

Till next time.



  1. Oh poor you,but sounds like you had a lovely day in London. We are snowed in here and can't go anywhere unless by foot. Route marched to the nearest shop for supplies yesterday but it looked like a war zone so didn't get any essential just biscuits, cake and sweets!!
    Enjoy your advent pressies I'm get all excited about mine
    Big hugs to you and the poorlies
    Pene x

  2. i hope everyone feels better soon! its so draining when the family is ill!

  3. I hope they are better soon. Glad you had a fab day out, I'm sure you needed it. x

  4. I'm sorry you've had a poorly house - my eldest has had a temperature for 6 days and missed a whole week of school! Thanks for your comment on my last post - it's all a bit grim but I'm trying to take one day at a time. Today I spent 7 hours at my mum's house and it all looks just the same except for a bit of worksurface we managed to unearth! I think it's just impossible to achieve very much but we'll stick at it. Wishing you a healthy week! xx