Sunday, 5 December 2010

Advent Swap Gorgeous Goodies

Good evening, I hope I find you all well this chilly Sunday evening. You will be glad to know the sickies and germs have now left the building and touch wood we are all in a reasonable state of health once again.

The week once again flew by. I tried to get some Christmas crafting done but poorly children once again made the task somewhat difficult. I did manage to make a couple of Jan Constantine - esq felt stockings to give to the little one's teachers at the end of term. I bought some little smelly sets, chocolates and a mini Christmas cake from M&S to pop in the stocking, I hope they like them! Daisy also made her teacher a little felt Christmas decoration to go in the stocking. Do you think they will be ok?

Wednesday being the 1st of December meant one thing and one thing only, the grand opening of the first parcel in the advent swap. The lovely Pene had sent me a shoe box packed full of little parcels and I was very excited on Wednesday morning when I could opening the first packet. So here they are, my first five fabulous gifts, all handmade by Pene.
Wednesday - Packet no 1
A lovely hand covered notebook with a little Daisy dog on the front. Very sweet and very handy for my handbag. I love notebooks and have to resist very hard not to buy each and every lovely one I set my eyes on, so this was right up my street.

Thursday - Packet no 2.

Inside was this cheeky little chap, a penguin tree decoration with little bell feet! Very sweet indeed.

Friday - Packet no 3.

A very lovely tissue holder and tissues. Unfortunately this was immediately taken by Daisy with a "wow, just what I need" comment and has not been seen again.

Saturday - Packet no 4

A lovely little angel, who will look great on my Christmas tree.

Sunday - Packet No 5.

A Daisy dog! Very lovely indeed. I have kept her well hidden for fear of being snatched!

Pene, you have really excelled yourself and I love all my gifts, even my AWOL covered tissues.
We did get a bit of snow here in Bucks but not nearly as much as everyone else. Being west of London we seemed to escape the worst of it. It did mean however that I wasn't able to take the car out for a couple of days. I really didn't fancy driving a new car that I have hardly driven on very snowy and icy roads, which sadly meant I had to cancel my dentist and hygienist appointments on Thursday!! I must must must remember to rebook them tomorrow.
I had the pleasure of going to our local music centre's gala concert last night at our local theatre. Daisy was performing with the preparatory and training wind bands. The kids were amazing, some of them just so talented. Daisy plays the flute and goes to the centre every Friday which she really enjoys. It's great for her as she gets a whole hour of practise on a Friday as well as her flute lesson at school. It was fabulous to see how the children progress with their music through each stage. I was astounded that the youth orchestra sounded like a proper orchestra. They also have four choirs which sounded amazing. It was a really inspiring evening which I thoroughly enjoyed. Mr P had to stay at home and look after Alex who would have fidgeted his way through the whole evening.
We also managed a trip to the cinema today to see the new Harry Potter. It wasn't bad, a bit full of teenage angst but enjoyable all the same. The plots seem so complicated now that I loose track of whats what and whose who.
I am planning on finishing my Christmas projects this week, I need to make four felt stockings, some bunting for a little girl who turns one on Tuesday and some clothes for a huge Maileg rabbit that Daisy is getting for Christmas from her Nanny. I have saved some very sweet rosebud print pyjamas that Daisy has outgrown and plan to use it for the bunny's nightdress. I haven't got a pattern so wish me luck.
Have a great week.


  1. More gorgeous gifts from this advent swap - it's fab isn't, it's nice to know i'm not the only one who has a daughter that benefits greatly from these swaps (not by choice mind but swift fingers!!)
    sounds like you've had a busy weekend and with more busyness to come!!!

  2. Oh what lovelies you've opened so far :)

    Like your stocking - very JC :)

  3. Lovely lovelies!!
    Isn't this swap so much fun.
    Em xxx

  4. Hi I've just arrived for the first time- Fab advent gifts ! Good luck with the preparations ..
    Louise xx

  5. what lovely advent gifts. Love the stocking too x