Thursday, 16 September 2010

A Taste of Autumn

Hello, I hope you are all having a good week. It's not been a bad one here, a bit unpredictable but on the whole fairly good. Is anyone else noticing the change in the season? There are so many signs that Autumn is well and truly on it's way. We seem to be inundated with spiders at the moment. They seem to be coming inside which is definitely a sign the evenings are turning chilly. I keep walking into spider webs when I go out in the garden. We had the most enormous spider in the bath the other morning. It was a real job to find a glass wide enough to accommodate its huge long legs.

Anyone else got toadstools on their grass? The mould spores must be rife this time of year.

Autumn is most definitely my favourite season, I love the chilly evenings sat in front of our open fire. I love the food that comes with Autumn, warm comforting food. On Sunday we went blackberry picking and were given a big bag of cooking apples which I turned into a crumble.

This week our oven conked out, just as I was about to cook the fish pie for tea - blinking typical, it's a good job I have friendly neighbours who saved the day and cooked it for me. I decided to dig out the slow cooker and make a lovely warming stew. I even made dumplings, now that is real comfort food. The oven is now mended and was put through its paces today. Daisy has been feeling poorly all week with a really sore throat, this morning she looked really under the weather and felt hot, so a day of r&r was in order. She snuggled under her duvet on the sofa whilst I pottered and cooked. I made a Nigella old fashioned chocolate cake, a pumpkin pie (first one this year) and some broccoli and Stilton soup. I love days spent at home just pottering and doing what ever takes my fancy, it's a shame they don't happen as often as I would like. Daisy watched the film Marley and Me twice this afternoon and cried both times at the ending! I think she will be back at school tomorrow, she is looking better this evening.

Here are a few pics taken this week, not that exciting I'm afraid.

Berries from the bouquet of flowers that my lovely sister in-law gave me for our wedding anniversary. I think these are hypericum berries, I had these in my wedding bouquet along with Leonardis roses and white freesias. My wedding bouquet was gorgeous, I haven't seen flowers as lovely since my wedding eleven years ago.

Chrysanthemums just shout out Autumn to me, they remind me of harvest festivals. They might not be an overly fashionable flower but they do last for ever.

Veggies all chopped ready to be added to a beef stew. Lots of lovely autumn flavours and colours in one meal.

A slice of pumpkin pie. It was delicious even if I say so myself. Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and all spice in a pumpkiny eggy custard.

A Nigella chocolate feast, her old fashioned chocolate cake. It's very moist and not too sickly, its a real winner in our house.

My little treat for today a Jamie magazine, full of tasty treats. I enjoyed having a flick through this with a cuppa this afternoon.

Do you want to see some fairies? I bought this little poppy fairy last year at a local craft fair that is held over the August bank holiday weekend. She has sat on my mantelpiece, safely secured with a big dollop of blue tack under her bottom! She looks lovely sat there if not a little lonely. I though a companion might cheer her up.

My very generous mother in-law treated me to her little friend at this year's craft fair. I think she might be a forget-me-not fairy. Whilst browsing the fairy stall, I set my eyes on these two and fell in love. Before I could control the urge, I had handed over a cheque and they were coming home too.

There is something about golliwogs that I just love. I think it may be because they are such an iconic toy from the past, they really do symbolise a bygone era. Anyway, these two are sat on the mantelpiece keeping a watch over the fairy sisters. The girl golli, has such a surprised look on her face!

We had a lovely time in London on Saturday and the Lion King was excellent, I would definitely recommend it. Alex was a bit fidgety, so maybe recommended for children over 8 rather than small 6 year old boys!

Daisy had a field day in Cath Kidston and managed to spend most of her birthday money in there. She treated herself to an ipod touch case, some pins in a tin for her sewing basket, a very cute teddy bear and the most lovely dressing gown with little ducks on.

Mr P was very naughty on our wedding anniversary and bought me a Cath Kidston Iphone case. I had been admiring it for ages, and it was a lovely if not naughty surprise. We weren't doing presents this year!

Well I'm off to make a much needed brew. Have a great weekend, we have nothing planned, which after the past few very busy weekends is a welcome relief.

Till next time.

Alison x


  1. It definately Autumn here now. Not too bothered - I like autumn food - lots of crumbles, fishpies and stews :)

    Your fairies & gollies are lovely - bet they look great all together.

  2. Mmmmm pumpkin pie and choccie cake looks delicious, can I ask what recipe you used for the pie?
    We have lots of spiders lodging at our place at the moment, luckily they don't bother Me but my OH and thed kiddies don't like them.

    B xxx

  3. I love your fairies and Gollies! So pretty and colourful. Have a real thing about fairies.

    Yes Autumn is definately letting us know she has arrived! It strange how some years the signs are there much earlier than others. Although I do love this time of year. Its all about warmth, comfort and cosiness my favourite things.

    What a bother that you cooker broke, glad its all fixed now you really do appriciate these things more when you cant just use them.

    Hope you have a lovely relaxing cosy weekend.

    MBB x

  4. Yes I have toadstools in the lawn too - well large mushrooms at any rate, I'm not sure of the definition of a toadstool! I love autumn and can sense it coming now the leaves are just starting to turn. I've enjoyed being reminded of some of the best bits of autumn in your post - I'd completely forgotten pumpkin pie - we used to grow pumpkins and I haven't for the last couple of years, so I must buy one and make pie, and I have plums for crumble in a basket as I type waiting for me to make it tomorrow. And stew.... a really strong childhood memory, I used to be asked to pick the fresh bay leaves for it and felt very important!
    Have a lovely weekend xx

  5. Yes I've got spiders and toadstools too. Your fairies and gollies are fun, my best friend has always loved gollies. x