Thursday, 9 September 2010

I need my bed!

Good evening, just a quick little update before I turn of the light and get some much needed shut eye.

Feeling very tired tonight, which might have something to do with the fact that I have spent the day cleaning a very dirty house (not mine I hasten to add),
followed by 2 hours of ironing, two hours at the after school art club and then diner making and lastly pudding making for a lunch party that I'm going to tomorrow. I finally sat down at 9.30 this evening!

I am still trying to keep up my 30 minutes of power walking each day, but tonight I decided was my night off as I had too much to do and my legs were aching already. I have managed to loose the 4IBs that I put on whilst on holiday and also another 1IB. So I am fairly pleased. I just wish this whole loosing weight and getting fit was more of an instant thing. They do say its better to loose a few pounds each week rather than crash dieting.

Daisy enjoyed her birthday on Tuesday, and was very pleased with her little sewing machine that we gave her. She hasn't used it yet but maybe we will find some time at the weekend.

I am off to a 70th birthday lunch tomorrow. Its a bring and share lunch being held at the local church. I know this lady from the church coffee stop which I normally go to on a Friday morning. To be honest I'm not really that religious, but I do enjoy meeting a couple of friends there each Friday. The coffee stop is very welcoming and the coffee and biscuits plentiful and all for a small donation. I have made a trifle, a tiramisu and also some meringues to take as my contribution. I think my diet may well and truly be stuffed tomorrow.

We are off to see the Lion King on Saturday, with the in-laws and the little ones. It is also our 11th wedding anniversary on Saturday. We have decided that the lion king tickets will be our anniversary present. Our wedding day was the most gloriously hot day. We had a fabulous time and all went according to plan. We spent our wedding night in the hotel where four weddings and a funeral was filmed, it was a lovely treat kindly paid for by my sister in-law.

I think Daisy and I will catch the train up to London first thing Saturday morning and spend the morning looking around Covent Garden. Mr P is taking Alex to football training and will drive up afterwards and meet us at the theatre. I hope the show lives up to our expectations!
I have managed a few rows of crochet this week, and the blue blanket is nearly ready for its edging. I can then start on my multi-coloured granny stripe blanket, the yarn is sat there waiting for me.

I have two needle cases that I must make before Sunday, one is part of Daisy's best friends birthday present. I really must get my act together, I always have a to do list as long as my arm. Oh to be organised!!

My bed is calling my name, so enjoy the weekend whatever you do.

Till next time.

Alison x

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  1. Happy Anniversary. I hope you and Daisy have a great girlie day and that everyone enjoys the show later. x

  2. Gosh you do sound very busy!

    Hope that Daisy had a lovely birthday and you two have a lovely girlie morning together.

    Happy Anniversary too! Its our 11th at the end of the year too! And enjoy your show it sounds fab.

    MBB x

  3. Happy Anniversary :)

    September is a good month to get married - we've been married 20 years at the end of the month!