Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Blue Blanket Reveal

Good evening, how are we all tonight, good I hope? All is good and well in the gingercat household. I have just sat and watched the final of the Great British Bake Off and sat blubbing at the end when Ed won! How sad am I. I thought their afternoon tea looked fabulous, they can come and cook for me any time.

I am currently obsessing about this little beauty. I have been admiring them from afar for years. However, the obsession reached fever pitch when my mother in-law announced that she had bought a candy apple red one. After much admiring and oohing and ahhing I have decided that a cream one would be perfect in my kitchen. There is just one small problem - the price! I have a birthday coming up at the beginning of November so have decided to ask for money to put towards the cost of the mixer. I have also listed lots of outgrown clothes and a very nice Nespresso coffee machine on eBay, so with all the proceeds from that along with birthday money I should be well on the way towards my target.

I keep on looking at them on the Internet and sit thinking about all the lovely things I could make with it. I am truly sad sometimes.

Are you ready for my blue blankie reveal, are you sure? Well here it is

Please take a better look close up, you can see all the lovely blues and cream in this picture.

Do you like the little picot edging? Its the first time I have done picot, it was easy peasy.

It isn't the biggest blanket in the world but it's just the right size for a small 6 year old boy. He takes it to bed with him each night and then drags it down to breakfast every morning. I lovingly lay it across his bed during the day. Alex is very pleased with it and so am I. The Rowan wool was lovely to work with and is really soft and not at all itchy.

I am looking forward to my next crochet project which is going to be another blanket made from the Stylecraft acrylic (as per Lucy at Attic 24). I think I might crochet a multi-coloured ripple blanket instead of another granny stripe.

I am holding fire on starting it at the moment as I am trying to complete a bit more of my union jack cross stitch. Its about half way finished now and I have the fabric all ready to back it. I still have my kiss cushion to work on as well. Too much craft and not enough time that's my problem!

Well this week is proving to be a fairly relaxing one, I only have one cleaning job and art club "work" this week. It pretty timely actually as my friend Donna and I are hosting a Macmillan coffee morning on Friday. I have a chocolate, a carrot and a lemon drizzle cake to make before Friday morning. Looks like Thursday evening is going to be a busy one baking.

We have also got to squeeze in a local high school open evening this week as Daisy will be taking her 11+ exam next September/October so we really need to start thinking about schools. She is a bright girl and has a good chance of passing however we really need to find out which school will suit her best whether she passes or not.

I'm still trying to walk each day for 30 minutes but I must admit that trying to be good and watching what I eat has been a bit lapse the last couple of days. I ate a Tunnocks tea cake, you know the marshmallow ones covered in a thin layer of chocolate and that started off the dreaded craving for a bit of chocolate. I must be good, I must be good - repeat after me!

I am off for a walk tomorrow morning with my friend Julia, we plan a little hike through the woods. If only loosing weight was as easy as eating then I really would be an expert!

I am going to a ball at the beginning of October so have spent hours this week trawling the Internet for a dress to wear. I do have a very nice dress, however I have worn it for the past two years and really do fancy a new one. I just don't want to spend a fortune on it. I have ordered two dresses to try from Freemans of all places. I haven't ordered anything from a catalogue since the 80's. I ordered these on line and really hope that one or other looks stunning on! I really can't be bothered to spend any more time looking, so fingers crossed. I did look in all the local charity shops ever hopeful that I would find a beautiful dress at a bargain price, but it wasn't to be.

Right I'm off to check on my eBay, I need to know exactly how much of my Kitchen Aid mixer I can afford!

Take care all.


PS Julia and I are off to the Stiching and Knitting show at Alexandra Palace in a few weeks, can't wait.


  1. I too would LOVE a little KitchenAid to play with (me wanty either a black one or a cream one) but alas the price is just Too Much. I recently went to the US for my holidays and if I told you the price that they were selling for in Walmart it would make you cry (they were only about £150) - it made me cry quite literally - oh how I wish I could have put one (or two) in my suitcase!!

  2. Oh yes though kitchen aid mixers are something special arent they? Although even if I could afford one I wouldnt know what colour! lol although I do tend to veer towards red.

    What a lovely blanket! lovely colours and it sounds as if your little boy loves it, which really makes all the effort worthwhile. I am in the process of making one for my eldest girl. But its turned into an epic and rather big! eek oh well it will be cold soon and she will have a big old blanket to snuggle up in!

    Hope you have a lovely coffee morning!

    MBB x

  3. Hi Alison have sent you an email re the Advent swap as we're paired up.
    Pene x

  4. I too watched the Bake Off - I really want a Kenwood Too! They are sooooooooo expensive aren't they!

    Just saw Penes post above - I am in Laa Laas swap!

  5. Kitchen Aid mixers are worth the money. Mine has produced innumerable batches of bread over the last five years of marriage, not to mention cakes, cakes, and more cakes! (I have a bit of a sweet tooth!)

    Love the afghan. There's nothing better than having a loved one claim something you made and attach to it instantly. I think my mother always took great pride in the fact that my favorite childhood blanket was the one that she made me, not the one from Grandma (Mom's mother-in-law). Now that I have a mil of my own (and a lovely one, don't get me wrong!), I have to smile at the thought.