Sunday, 5 September 2010

10 Years Older

Hello, what a busy weekend, hope you have all had a good one. This weekend we celebrated Daisy's forthcoming 10th birthday with a party for 12 of her girl friends and of course Alex.

I am really struggling to accept that my tiny 6lb 9 1/2 oz baby girl will be turning 10 on Tuesday. I just cannot believe 10 years has passed so quickly.

Daisy was born at 5.20pm on Thursday the 7th of September 2000, she arrived four days early. I could not get over just how beautiful she was, she really was the most beautiful baby (I know I'm biased). I worried that I wouldn't bond with her as most expectant mothers do but it was total love at first sight and for three and half years (until Alex arrived) she became our whole world. She was such an easy baby, she took to breastfeeding like a duck to water, she was very placid and content and to be honest she has never really given us any trouble in all of her 10 years. She has her moments and is by no means perfect but she really is a very good and sweet girl.

She is kind and considerate, sensitive to others and has a great if not very silly sense of humour. Alex has always adored Daisy and he would be totally lost without her. We found this out when she went on a weekend Brownie camp, it was as if his right arm was missing, he just didn't know what to do with himself.

So have a very happy birthday Daisy, we love you very much and wish you all the happiness in the world and more.

Here are some pictures of our special very nearly 10 year old.

Here she is aged 5 years.

Daisy aged nearly 10 taken on holiday in Cornwall.
Months ago Daisy decided that she wanted a vintage tea party for her birthday with lots of traditional and silly party games. We spent yesterday baking cakes and this morning we set up the gazebo as the weather was looking rather iffy to say the least. Up went the bunting and balloons, chairs with cozy cushions and a table with a crisp white table cloth turned a boring old gazebo into a vintage party den. Mr P even found some funky rope lighting in the shed to jazz up the gazebo (that's one perk of being married to an electrician).

The girls (and Alex) played pass the parcel, who am I (the game where you stick a name on one persons back and they have to ask questions and try to guess who they are supposed to be) and the mars bar game to name but a few. They had great fun trying to pick up maltesers with a pair of chop sticks!

After a busy hour or so playing games they all sat down and were reminded that at a vintage tea party all the guests were expected to act like ladies when eating their tea. Home made lemonade was served from tea pots into china tea cups, and the girls all found it hilarious when trying to drink with the obligatory little finger up in the air. They all put on very posh accents and pretended that they were at a very posh garden party! Dainty sandwiches, crisps, sausage rolls, cakes and jelly (served in traditional fluted paper jelly bowls) were consumed with much enthusiasm. Then finally the birthday cake and singing time.

Daisy's very lovely birthday cake made by the fabulous Jill (down the road), she comes up trumps every year without fail.

So that was our weekend, we also managed to squeeze in a football tournament, football training and a meal out to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary (next weekend) the in-laws wedding anniversary and sister in-laws birthday. Looking forward to a bit of a rest tomorrow!

Till next time.

Alison x


  1. A very Happy Birthday to Daisy. What a fab party and gorgeous cake! I bet a lot of grown ups would've enjoyed that.

  2. Such a cutie!! Brilliant cake, I love it!
    Do pop over to take part in my massive giveaway!