Monday, 12 July 2010

A Day At The Cherry Fayre

Hello, do you fancy a day out? Want to come to the Cherry Fayre?

Lets find a comfy place on the side of the road to sit whilst we wait for the parade to start. Free flags for all to wave.

Come on don't be shy wave your flag, We are after all in the 1940's and the war has ended, there is lots to wave and cheer about.

Can you hear the band? Oh here they come marching along playing their merry tunes.

The flags look so colourful against the blue sky.

The army trucks have joined in too.

Dad's Army and the home front boys are next.

They have even managed to get some rationed petrol so that the motor cars can join in the parade.

We've even got rather tall clowns joining in.

The little nurses look so sweet in their uniforms.

I think that's the parade over. Come on lets go into the field and enjoy the fair.

Fancy a go on the swinging chairs?

Or maybe the swinging boats?

Feeling strong? Fancy winning a coconut?

He looks like a strong little fella.

Lots of bright lovelies to buy too.

Lets stop for a cooling lemonade.

Mustn't forget the cherries to take home. Afterall that's the reason we are here having a fun day out. The cherries have been safely harvested and its time to celebrate and enjoy the sunshine.

I hope you've had a good day out, its been fun hasn't it?


  1. It really looks like a great family day out. Those sunny pictures are a real tonic today, its lashing down with rain at the moment here.

    MBB x

  2. Fun indeed! Altho I don't like cherries. I'll have to substitute them - with strawberries or raspberries perhaps.

  3. Oh, I love cherries! I just canned several quarts of cherry pie filling to be eaten in warm pies this winter.

    I wanted to drop a note and say hi. I just happened on your blog, only discover that we have several other blogs in common. I'm also a realatively new crocheter - I started a year ago, and have fallen completely in love with it. I'm contemplating some granny squares myself, perhaps for placemats? Not sure, but will think about it, at least!

    I also wanted to tell you how cute your little mushroom/toadstool salt and peppers are....I have a collection of vintage and vintagesque salt and peppers in my kitchen.