Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Hello. What a busy week, July is always choc a bloc with end of term school stuff . It was Daisy's sports day on Monday, and yet again the sun shone and a good time was had by most. Daisy isn't at all sporty, she is so like me when I was a child. I used to really try at sports but had no natural ability what so ever. She was however very pleased to be in the winning yellow team.

Its the school's Summer music concert tomorrow evening and then on Saturday morning Daisy has a recorder exam. She is playing her recorder and her flute in tomorrow's concert. I don't know what it is about the Summer concert but I always end up feeling really emotional. The children look so proud playing their instruments, I always feel like I'm about to blub!

Camping at the weekend was a success. We managed to put up the tent and spent a very pleasant afternoon and evening outside in the sunshine with our school chums. The kids had a ball. Alex played football for about five hours solidly, Daisy hung out with her friends. Mr P and I sat in the sunshine sipping pimms and beer. It was fairly cold overnight but we snuggled up under duvets (the children used their sleeping bags) and wore lots of layers. We awoke to the dawn chorus (damn those birds - it was way too early) and eventually got up to go find the tea and bacon rolls that were being served. The only down side was I am now sporting about 5 mosquito bites that are driving me crazy with their itchiness.

Been doing a spot of baking today. I reckon it's been a good three weeks since I last baked anything. Whats in the tin I hear you ask? Nice tin don't you think?

Why it's a batch of chocolate chip cookies. They were very yummy indeed.

One batch of cookies just isn't enough when you haven't baked for three weeks, so some chocolate chip and banana muffins where on the agenda too.

There was much excitement in our house on Saturday morning. Alex got a Blue Peter badge. He was so excited and pleased with himself. He had sent in a picture of a tiger and had written a sweet little letter to go with it. He took it into school on Monday to show his teacher.
Tonight we had the grand revealing of the carrots that Alex had planted at school. Here he is with his little plants.
Here are the carrots, all freaky and bent. We were a little disappointed to say the least. Not sure why they were so stumpy. Alex took it in his stride and didn't seem to bothered.

Alex's bed arrived today and I am very pleased with it. I will add some pictures of his room when I post next time.
I have sat up stupidly late tonight listing some outgrown children's clothes on ebay. I though the sale proceeds would come in handy for our holiday.
Crocheting is coming along nicely, I have managed to churn out a good few squares in the last week. I am still loving it but find it frustrating that time for crafting is very limited at times. But hey ho that's life I suppose.
I must go to bed now or I will never get up tomorrow.
Till next time.


  1. Well done Alex on the Blue Peter badge :) We had some carrots like that one year - think they are supposed to be short & stumpy.

    Hope the school concert goes well - so much happening this time to year.

  2. I got a Blue Peter badge years and years ago, I think it was for sending in an idea for a Christmas decoration consisting of plastic clothes pegs round an orange with tinsel woven inbetween - no wonder they didn't use it! Then I coloured in a paper cake doily as a thank-you and sent that - then I got a silver badge! What an honour. Well done to Alex on his first.
    We had carrots like that too, I don't think they like our soil, but they tasted fine!
    I'm coveting your cake tin a bit! xx