Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Why is it that all the children that I read about in other people's blogs always come across as well behaved, loving and delightful individuals?

Why is it that my two "delights" fight, argue, never ever listen to me and are at times (read as often) a pain in the bum?

Where am I going wrong that's what I want to know?

Last night Alex decided to have see what would happen if he gently peeled the corner of his wallpaper! No real damage done, nothing that a bit of wall paper paste won't put right but why did he feel the need? He is old enough to understand that we spent all last weekend decorating and making his room nice for him.

This morning I had a full scale argument with Daisy over her school dress. I thought I was being helpful and saving her a bit of time when I laid her school dress out on her bed. I went up stairs and she was wearing a school skirt and shirt. I casually asked why she wasn't wearing her school dress (as in "oh you not wearing the dress I left on the bed?") and she then tried to convince me (read as blatantly lie) that I had left the skirt and shirt out on her bed and she had not swapped her school clothes. I saw red, not because she had swapped clothes, I couldn't care less which school uniform she wears but the fact that she had lied to me, it was pretty convincing too - tears and looks of why don't you believe me. I went on and on like a demented fool about telling lies and not being able to trust her in future.

I am now left feeling like a horrible old witch whilst they have skipped off happily to school. I do try to be a good mum but boy oh boy do they test my patience at times. How do you stop shouting and make them start listening? Is it just kids being kids and part of growing up? Are children on other peoples blogs really so delightful all of the time?

Someone please tell me the secret of being a lovely level headed non shouting mum.

As penance for my horrible outburst I have decided to bleach the bathroom floor. Picture if you will me stripped down to bra and knickers with a cloth under one foot and a green scourer under the other gently ice skating over bleach covered tiles. Oh I wish I had listened to the tiler who warned me that white grout wasn't such a great idea on floor tiles.

Hoping to post a more cheerful post crammed full of perfect children photos some time soon!



  1. Bless you!!! Other people's children are so NOT perfect and, if they say they are, they are lying!!!

    My two fight like cat and dog. Blondie daughter (8) is uber stroppy at the moment and Blondie son (11) shouts. I have warned them that, if they are horrendous in the holidays, I shall simply take them to school - locked and empty or not - and leave them there!

    Hope makes you feel a little better! :-)

    Hugs, Hx

  2. OMG I can picture you! Lol! I haven't got children, but from what I see of other people's none of them are perfect little darlings - in fact quite the oppposite a lot of the time. Don't beat yourself up, you sound like a great Mum. All you can do is your best, which I'm sure you already are. x

  3. Hi

    I smiled whilst reading your post. I am sure most people would admit that their children are not perfect. My two are just entering that age where they will argue and fight other the most daft things. I have had to seperate them on occaision too. But then they are all lovely and best of friends the next minuet too. As for kids seemingly looking lovely and perfect on blogs, well I guess its a bit like not photographing a messing room or overflowing bin. Most of us only post about the odd lovely moment. To remind of it when all hell breaks loose I expect! lol.

    Hope you have had a calmer week take care.

    MBB x