Friday, 28 May 2010

Two updates in one day!

Just a quicky, I forgot to add this picture to my earlier post.

This is where I found the daft ginger mog this afternoon. She was very happy just lounging in the sink. Pepe is by far the daftest cat we have ever had.

Anyway enjoying a rather pleasant evening sat in bed, reading blogs, updating and generally having a bit of a surf whilst listening to a very tired Mr P snoring gently next to me and indulging in a bit of retro 80's music currently being shown on BBC2. It's featuring Duran Duran on top of the pops from the glorious 80's.

I do love 80's music and Duran Duran were a particular favourite of mine. Mr LeBon is very pleasing on both the ear and the eye! Anyway back to the Wild Boys.



  1. Ha ha cute! I think ginger cats are so pretty!!

  2. How sweeet!
    My puss also has a penchant for kipping in such odd places, she is currently obsessed with sitting on the edge of the toilet and watching it flush!
    They are funny creatures arent they!

    Have a fab weekend!

  3. Looks to me like she is waiting for you to add some warm water and bubbles!

  4. She's lovely, always better to have a daft cat who makes you smile! xx

  5. Our ginger tom, Thor, had his own set of bath toys to play with in our kitchen sink. He loved water!