Monday, 31 May 2010

RHS Chelsea & Car Bootie Treasures

What a busy but lovely weekend I've had. Saturday I was up with the lark and off to RHS Chelsea whilst Mr P packed the little ones into the car and headed off to Legoland for the day.

Chelsea did not disappoint this year at all - well apart from the damp and dreary weather. We managed to avoid the one heavy down pour by heading into the main marquee.

I loved the floral displays by the very talented florists. This years theme " hats" looked fabulous all decked out with the little furry rabbits ears leaves and beautiful orchid flowers, here are a few of my favourites.

The large show gardens were as usual brilliant but this year for the first time I preferred them to the small gardens. The small gardens which are normally my favourite didn't work for me. I did however like the rhubarb and custard garden

An interesting inscription, we had better take good care of our little bees, the work they do is invaluable to human life.

I have created a couple of collages of the other Chelsea highlights.

The orchids were breathtaking, I particularly love the auriculas. My Mother in law bought me two packets of seeds which she has promised to grow for me. She is very green fingered so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

The displays of delphiniums and lupins were as fab as ever, also the hostas were pretty spectacular. I loved the displays of vegetables, they wow me every single year. I found my perfect hen house too, if I ever have the room or inclination to keep hens.

We enjoyed wandering around the gardens and spent ages mooching in the grand marquee and also spent a fair bit of time and money looking around all of the stands. I noticed this year that there was plenty of vintage bits to be had. I found a stand that sold odd bits of china and handmade cushions made from vintage fabrics. These two had to come home with me.

I bought this pretty floral tea cup and saucer along with two matching cake plates. They odd thing is my mother in law has a matching teapot in this design but nothing else. I reckoned it was fate so felt I just had to have them.
I managed to get a free fennel plant at the end of the show but decided this year not to bother with the four o'clock mad rush to buy up plants.
A lovely but very busy day was finished off nicely by meeting up with Mr P and the kiddlies at the local Italian restaurant. The perfect way to end a lovely day.
Sunday was spent recovering from Saturday but we did manage to find time to squeeze in a cinema trip to see Street dance 3D. I loved the dancing even if the story line was a bit cheesy.
I had an early night on Sunday and was up with the lark this morning. It was a tough decision either do the ironing or go to the car boot sale, no guessing which one I choose.
I left the little ones and Mr P snoozing in bed and headed off to the bank holiday Monday boot sale. It was a bit sparse, not up to its normal standard but that in itself didn't stop me from sniffing out some fab bargains.
I found these two lovelies for the grand price of £7.00. I already have a fair bit of cornish ware and have paid substantially more for my existing pieces.

I got this Royal Worcester tea pot for £2.00 and also a very pretty cup and saucer and little jug for another £2.00.

I also got some lego for Alex, a gorgeous wicket basket which Daisy has bagged for her bedroom, a large round crochet blanket in pinks and purples, again bagged by Daisy, a very pretty duck egg blue small embroidered table cloth and a couple of wade animals. So all in all a pretty good bag.
I returned home at about 9 ish to find them still snoozing!
We have spent some of the day in the garden, and tonight braved the slight chill in the air and had a barbecue.
We are all very excited this week, apart from it being half term, its the Britain's got talent simi-finals week. We all love it apart from Mr P.
I am looking forward to a restful week (ish). Out for the day tomorrow and on Friday we are having a vintage tea party for the little ones and my good friend Julia and her little girls. Daisy is very excited and is going to write out their invitation tomorrow. I am hoping for a dry day on Friday.
Have a good week whatever you do.
Alison x


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend.
    Love your pics from the flower show, & your wonderful CB bargains.
    Have a lovely half term.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  2. Lovely pics from Chelsea - somewhere I'd really love to go one year.

    You got some excellent CB bargains - especially the cornishware - big bargains :)

  3. Thanks for sharing those photos, I've really enjoyed looking and trying to imagine the atmosphere of being there at Chelsea, does make my own garden look a bit sparse though, still, always good to have some inspiration! And lovely finds at the Car Boot - my mum still has some Cornish ware tucked away, it was one of her favourites.
    We're all watching Britain's Got Talent too! xx

  4. I'd love to go to the Chelsea flower show!! I've never been!!! it looks stunning!!