Friday, 28 May 2010

Its the Weekend - hooray!!

It's the weekend again, how did that happen so quickly. It's been another busy busy week, and once again very little time for updating my blog.

Its been a rather sociable week, I have enjoyed a nice lunch and catch up with my friend Rachel, a leisurely coffee and mooch around the charity shop with Julia and a couple of nights out with the mums from school as well.

Talking of school, we are now on half term holiday for a week. I do love half term, its a chance to catch up with friends and chill out with the little ones. I fear we will be having lots of pyjama mornings next week.

We are off to Whipsnade Zoo on Tuesday, which is always a fun but very tiring day out. I am meeting up with an old friend and her two children. I am looking forward to it and am keeping my fingers crossed for good weather.

I am having a day out tomorrow with the in laws including my lovely sister-in-law. We are all off to Chelsea flower show for the madness that is the last day. We went last year and had a fabulous child free day out and went a bit mad at the 4pm plant sell off.

Mr P is being very brave and is taking the little ones plus two of their friends (both very well behaved I hasten to add) to Legoland for the day. Rather him than me!

Last weekend the great garden tart up continued and it was the turn of the play house. Here is the before picture:-

I agree it looks rather tatty and unloved. Can you see a little Alex face peeking through the window!
And here is the new taa -daa version, much smarter don't you think.
It had a couple of coats of paint, one cream and the other sea moss green. New Cath Kidston curtains, made from a bargain piece of fabric I bought ages ago from a scraps/seconds basket. Bunting and a tea light lantern. Also planted up the window boxes with geraniums, marigolds and a windmill!

Here's a front on shot with a rather strange looking Daisy smiling away and a sulky Alex having the hump about something or other.
I am all in garden mode at the moment so I thought I would add a poppy picture. I love poppies and have several types in the garden. The big oriental ones are just starting to flower, they look gorgeous but unfortunately each year the seem to get badly hit by the rain and never really recover. I think rain is forecast for tomorrow!

Mr P spent most of Sunday sorting out the garden lights. He installed them last Summer but whenever we have rain they seem to trip out our electric. He spent ages sealing each light up making sure it was water tight but after rain yesterday the electric tripped out again tonight. I think it might be a case of buying some better quality lights that are actually water tight. Anyway, here is a picture taken when the lights were working.
I am still working on my items for the fairy tale swap and just have a hand made item to finish off. I haven't really done much crafting this week but hopefully will have a bit more time next week to catch up and make a bit of progress.
I am planning on taking my camera to Chelsea tomorrow so all being well with do a Chelsea post over the weekend.
Hoping you all have a great weekend.


  1. Your Garden is looking stunning and I L-O-V-E the playhouse makeover, I could live in it if only I was smaller!

  2. The playhouse looks so cute and your garden looks lovely lit up. Can't wait to see your Chelsea pics. x

  3. I want to live in your playhouse! It looks so great now. My dream is to replace our (sinking into the ground) timber garage with basically a grown-up playhouse, which I wish to furnish so it looks like the inside of Country Living magazines, but it's never going to happen. We loved Legoland when the boys were smaller but 4 small people to take is quite a challenge! xx