Monday, 3 May 2010

Sring cleaning and shopping sprees

I hope you are all having a great weekend, its been good here so far. The weather today has been rubbish though, very wet most of the day. We haven't ventured very far at all and have spent a large proportion of the day have a mini spring clean.

Mr P occasionally starts off these tidy up marathons and usually ropes us all in. Today it started in Alex's bedroom and spread very quickly to the rest of the house. We have sorted out lots of junk, put stuff in the loft and have three very large bags to take to the Charity shop on Tuesday. The little girl over the road acquired some games and a lovely dolly with its very own potty. She was very pleased with her newly acquired toys. We just seem to amass such a lot of things and our house is small and can't cope with it all. It feels a bit better after the tidy up and at least there is a bit more space - for now!

Yesterday we spent the whole day out and about. The little ones wanted to go swimming and I had a burning desire to have a mooch around the shops. We decided to head off to Windsor where I could shop and Mr P and the kiddies could swim. I would normally swim with them but after my night out on Friday, I was feeling a little worse for wear and swimming was definitely not on my agenda.

I dropped them off at the pool, parked the car and then headed for my first stop a much needed coffee and pastry at Carluccios. There is something about an cappuccino and a pastry that just hits the spot and sets a girl up for a bit of retail therapy.

After wolfing it down, I headed up to the Castle and spent far to long in Cath Kidston's. The shop in Windsor is fabulous. It is bang opposite the Castle, situated in a two storey listed building and is the perfect back drop for all CK lovely things.

I went a bit mad to be honest. I bought Alex a cowboy T shirt and some racing car shorty pyjamas, bought this lovely necklace and earrings which are a lovely jade green and looks perfect with a top I have in exactly the shame shade of green. Sorry the photo's a bit dark, but Mr P is snoring away next to me and I didn't want to put on the light!

I also bought some hankies, one for me, one for Alex and a strawberry one for Daisy. She has a stinking cold which started yesterday after swimming so hers has been well and truly used already!

Bought this lovely flowery flask too, a bit of Cath will cheer up a picnic I reckon.

Treated myself to some stationery. I haven't shown these to the little ones as they would pinch them and I would never see them again.

And my final Cath purchase was my Summer bag, bit of a spur of the moment purchase but I'm rather pleased with it. Its a canvas tote, just need to pop all my bits and pieces in it.

After my excesses in Cath's I decided to pop into Daniels which is a lovely department store. I headed straight for the clothes and found this lovely new range called Palace. Its all very feminine easy to wear clothes. I fell in love with this floaty top, it looks fab with jeans, I think it has a vintage feel to it. I also bought a lovely soft grey flowy cardigan and little camisole top, no photos as I wore it today. I am well and truly skint now.

I met Mr P and the littlies for lunch in Gourmet Burger which was delicious. Poor Alex was literally crying with hunger after swimming. He ate every last piece of his burger and downed two (they were small) Oreo cookie milk shakes too.
Afterwards we had a very quick mooch around the rest of Windsor and the lovely Mr P popped off and came back with this little pink flying saucer sweetie charm for my sweetie bracelet. It was a real surprise. I have been collecting charms for about two years now and have quite a collection. I usually get them for birthdays, Christmas etc. My favourite is the little yellow duck, he is just so sweet.
I sent Mr P out this morning to grab a bit of shopping and he came back with the longest straightest bananas I have ever seen. What do your think? How did they get past the EEC regulations? They are so long that they touch the bottom of the banana stand - now that's a first.

Not sure what we are doing tomorrow, I have been planning on making my swap apron all weekend, so maybe that's a possibility. I am not doing any housework of any description tomorrow that's for certain.
Anyway it stupidly late, and my bed and the land of nod is beckoning.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend whatever you do.
Alison xx


  1. Hi Alison
    Wow some lovely treats you found, especially the blouse! I havent started my apron yet for the swap and im a little nervous as my partner is an excellent stitcher and im well...not quite! But after reading your "busy" post its given me a kick up the wotsit to get started today!
    Have a great bank hol monday!
    Deborah (fondantkiss) x

  2. I love your new top. Daniels is great, I miss it being up here now, will have to try to squeeze in a visit next time I'm down. Such pretty CK buys too.

  3. Such great purchases!! Love the CK bits i always think 'oh I have everything now' and then she brings out more!!

  4. Great buys!!! Have a great weekend!!

  5. You've bought some gorgeous bits - I think every woman needs a little spree from time to time. It's good for the soul if not the purse!


  6. That was retail therapy and a half!!!
    Sounds perfect! x