Friday, 30 April 2010

Book Club, Aprons and General Ramblings

Friday again, where has the week gone! Its been a busy one again, what with one thing and another. It's not been the most productive week on the crafting front, in fact I haven't done a thing, literally not a stitch. I hope to make amends over the weekend and actually do a bit of sewing, lots of WIP to be getting on with.

Tuesday night was my book club night. I have been a member of the club for almost five years and I thought I would give you a little glimpse into our little booky world.

We meet every four to six weeks and take it in turns to host the evening. Our evenings consist of the following:-

Wine is a must have essential, no good book club is complete without several glasses of vino.

The next essential is a mini table (in this case a play mobil toy box covered with a CS vintage table cloth find) laden with lovely nibbles, mainly of the savoury variety but always with a little selection of sweet treats. On Tuesday we had some red velvet cupcakes, a little bit of retro by way of some battenburg cake and some yummy GU millionaires flapjacks.

Obviously a book has to feature somewhere in the evening. This month we read This Perfect World by Suzanne Bugler, we all enjoyed it, which was unusual, and spent considerable time chatting about it. Who ever hosts the evening, compiles a short list of books that we then choose from for the next month. It was at my house this time so I had the joy of picking four books and printing off some reviews from the Internet. After much deliberation, voting and re voting we opted for:-

Its a lovely way to meet friends and read books that you probably would never choose. My book club consists of Julia (my good friend who loves vintage, crafting and blogging - so much in common!), Kris who is the most loveliest American you could ever meet. She is incredible well read and seems to get through books at an alarming rate, Lisa - she was the founder of our book club. Sisters Debbie and Nikki who both love more challenging reads and often scare me with their choices of books! If anyone is ever debating about whether to join a book club or start one then I would definitely recommend it, its a good sociable evening and it keeps you reading.

I have joined in on the Great Apron Swap 2010 and finally this week I bought some fabric in readiness. Here it is, I really hope my swap partner Alex likes the mix. Not sure exactly what style of apron I am going to make yet but I do have some ideas in my head. I will keep you posted and take some pics of the finished article - blimey I really hope it turns out OK - fingers crossed.

I spent today helping out on Alex's school trip to Windsor Castle. We have had a very busy but very enjoyable day on a whistle stop tour of the Castle. I had four little boys to look after, including Alex and I needed eyes in the back of my head. They were all very well behaved and apart from feeling knackered at the end of it I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

My ideal evening tonight would be a take away for tea followed by an relaxing evening in front of the box and an early night. But no, silly old me is off for a girls night out. I have to somehow get my tired feet into these silly high heels and doll myself up (lots of work needed on that front I'm afraid) and be presentable by 8pm. I'm sure when I'm out and have had a few wines I will be in the mood for a bit of a boogie and a good laugh with the girls. Sat her typing on the lap top its the last thing I want.

Off to make the little ones tea and then the task of making one tired out mummy into a girl ready for a night on the tiles. Wish me luck!!

Do you like my shoes, I love them, its just as shame I can hardly walk in them.

Alison x


  1. Book club sounds great!!! All my favourite things!!! Can't wait to see you aprons!!! Loving the shoes too, but I wouldn't be able to walk in them either!!!

  2. I would not be able to walk in those shoes, maybe I could just stand very still lol. Book club sounds great fun. x

  3. Am jealous of your book club! Have a good night out.

  4. I only have completely flat shoes - yours look really fab and so elegant but rather your feet than mine in them! xx