Tuesday, 4 May 2010

My Apron is Done!!! Alex please don't peek

Alex please don't look if you want a surprise. I am just so pleased the apron is finished that I just had to tell someone.

My apron is made!! I started it yesterday evening and worked on it until midnight, I know, how silly am I when I have to get up at 6.45am. I then spent a very pleasant afternoon finishing it off today. I am really really pleased with it, even though it was very labour intensive.
So here it is... tad da

For anyone who is remotely interested I used some plain white cotton ticking fabric for the body, sewed blue bias binding around the edges. I used a coral pink gingham check fabric for the pocket and added a vintage look floral fabric to the top of the pocket. I used the gingham fabric to make the neck strap and the floral to make the side ties. I added fabric covered buttons to the end of each strap (where they fix to the apron) which I covered with the contrasting fabric.

I found a lovely cotton tea towel covered with teacups and teapots and pinking sheared around a few of them and then sewed these onto the apron using embroidery thread in chain stitch.

I have also added three little heart shaped ceramic buttons.

So there you go one finished apron about to be shipped off to the other side of the world (I think the address is Australia).

I love doing these creative swaps, they are a bit like reading a good back that sort of gets you back into reading. I am now all ready for more making and might even get to finish off some of my work in progress.

Poor old Daisy has been off school today with a dreadful cold, her new Cath Kidston hankie has been washed twice already! We have had a very lazy afternoon, she watched Harry Potter for the 100 th time (well it feels like that) and I sat sewing.

I had the joy of going to a training session this morning for the elections on Thursday. I used to work for the Council so have always helped on election day. I have the joy of a fifteen hour day to look forward to on Thursday. I will make sure I take plenty of nice things to eat and some magazines to read. Saying that a General Election is always very busy, so I'm guessing there won't be much time to read.

Daisy spent the morning at Nanny and Grampy's house and she was feeling so under the weather she didn't even bother to get dressed, she sat in the car in her pj's and dressing gown.

Whilst I remember, we made some marshmallow cupcakes using the Hummingbird recipe book. They were a bit fiddly. If someone could please tell me how you melt marshmallows and then spoon it into the middle of a cupcake then I would be really grateful. I just about managed the melting part but it stuck to the spoon and the bowl and me. I added a tiny drop of molten marshmallow to about three cakes and then gave up. We just added lots of them to the butter icing. They did look, if I'm honest, a bit like a dogs breakfast but boy did they taste nice Mmmmm.

Anyway off to make the tea, its fish tonight with some saute potatoes and good old frozen peas.

Till next time.

Alison x


  1. The apron is gorgeous!! As for the marshmallow how about putting it in an icing bag fitted with a plain nozzle and injecting it????? it works with jam, but not sure about this!!

  2. Worth a try, but it was blimming messy to say the least. Not sure how I would get it into th icing bag.


  3. We had fish, potato waffles and frozen peas tonight!! 'Cooked' by son no. 1! Your apron is so great, really nice style. Hope Daisy feels lots better soon xx

  4. Can't wait for my two to start cooking meals without any help at all.


  5. Gorgeous apron - your swap partner is very lucky indeed!

  6. Wow your apron is gorgeous, I really need to do mine this weekend. I have my ideas so it should be ok!!!
    Luv Sophie xxx

  7. I LOVE the apron, it's so pretty and was wrapped up so sweetly!

    Aren't swaps a great way of getting yourself to make things you normally wouldn't!

    and plus it's fun receiving packages from the other side of the world!

    thanks again :D xx