Monday, 10 May 2010

Bears, Fairs & Millionaires

What a chilly old days its been here in Bucks, it's been sunny but very chilly. Had a fairly domesticated day today, catching up on washing and housework, all rather boring but necessary I suppose.

We have been to the fair tonight, each year on the 10th of May Beaconsfield hold its annual charter fair. The fair people take over Beaconsfield old town and set up their rides on the roads. We have always gone and its a date the kids really look forward to. I did plan to take my camera but silly old me left it at home.

I love going to the fair, like the atmosphere, the candy floss etc but you will not ever in a million years get me to go on any ride that goes faster than the carousel horses. I am a real scaredy cat at heart. Daisy and her friend went on a hideously fast ride that threw them side to side and up and down and I couldn't even bear to watch. I did have a go on the dodgems, which was fun. I went on with Alex and boy, he has an awful lot to learn about driving a car, he was a maniac! It was very cold by the time we left and I was glad to come home to a nice warm house and put the kettle on for a warming cuppa.

I did manage to pop out for a quick scout around the Charity shops this morning. I went into Beaconsfield to pay cheques in at the bank but I new deep down the pull of a charity shop would be too much to resist.

I found these two little lovelies which just had to come home with me

Also found this kitsch little box

Which contained these pretty little hankies. Daisy has a new fondness for proper hankies since her cold, so was very pleased with these. They washed up a treat.

I found another little Stratton compact for my collection on Saturday when I was out an about, another great charity shop find. Apparently a little old lady had donated about five of them. There were some lovely ones but they wanted £20 for the some of them! I love the cornflowers on this one, cornflowers are one of my favourite flowers.

Bought this little hand held mirror too, I think it looks pretty sat on my dressing table.

After enduring a very long 17 hour day on Thursday on election duty, I decided to have a little treat (yes another one) paid for from my earnings. I found this little bear and fell in love with her ever so slightly grumpy face, she just had to come home and join the other teds.

The millionaires part of my post is that I have won the lottery - no only kidding!! I finally got round to making the millionaires shortbread. Daisy helped make them and they were a huge success. Very tasty, particularly if eaten for breakfast! Sorry there are no photographs, they were gobbled up in less than 24 hours. I think we will be making some more very soon.
Very exciting news, my friend Julia and I are off to our very first knitting and crochet evening at a local pub tomorrow. Julia managed to find out about the evening and we have been invited along. Now our ambition on the crochet front has always been to learn to crochet and make a granny square blanket. Mr P thinks its hilarious and is convinced it will be full of grannies and people named Daphne, sipping bitter lemon drinks and knitting socks.
I will leave you with a picture of the daft ginger pudding chasing a plastic string around the kitchen. She spent ages playing with it this afternoon. She kept on batting it under the fridge and then just looked very confused as to where it had gone. She was last in the queue when they were handing out brains was our Pepe.

Till next time.


  1. Archie's favourite toy of all time (so far in his little life) is the long plastic strip I cut off the top of our tortilla packet when we had mexican food. It incorporates the plastic 'zip' thing they say is resealable, but isn't. We have no idea why he loves it so much but he does really LOVE it. BUT he keeps on batting it right under the cupboard or fridge or mat and I just can't find it now! Time for another mexican meal. Aren't they funny - I'm not sure he's got much brain either! xx

  2. The compact is gorgeous! I'll go on the big wheel, but nothing that tips you upside down and round and round.

  3. I have the same jug & sugar bowl but with deep pink spots.

    Enjoy your knitting/crochet group - I love mine. MrVV is also convinced its just WI with a different name ;)

  4. Love the hankies!! They remind me of my childhood!! I always received a box for Christmas!!

  5. Love your finds the compact is really pretty.

    Hope you enjoy your knitting group. Tell your hubby that knitting and crocheting is the new rock and roll! everyone is at now - apparently. ;0)

    MBB x