Thursday, 1 April 2010

Hello, its Thursday and school is out for two weeks - hooray. I love the holidays, no rushing around, no getting out of the door on time stress. Just some quality chill out time with the little ones.

My cold is so much better now thank goodness, I had a very miserable couple of days with it but thankfully is now on its way out. P is now suffering, and boy does he let you know he is feeling poorly. Why is that men make such a blooming fuss?

Had a busy week what with one thing and another. Had a couple of late nights so am feeling rather tired and in need of a lovely sleep in.

I managed to get out and about this week despite not feeling tip top and found a couple of little jugs to add to my collection in the charity shop. Do you like them?

I love this little hand painted parrot one. P said it was an old ladies jug - but what does he know hey!

This is a little very dark blue Aynsley jug that just had to come home with me. It looks the most gorgeous blue when the light shines on it, sadly this picture does not do it any justice.

Have you been into Waitrose recently? They are doing this new little range called Swallows and Sweet peas, its a home baking range I guess you would call it and it is packaged up in such a lovely way that it just shouts "buy me" in a very loud voice indeed.

Here are the little measuring cups that I bought, not sure why I needed them but they look so sweet. These are also from the range, little egg cups and cosies. I guess we will be using them this weekend. In our house you have to have a boiled egg on Easter Sunday!

Alex and I made some cakes yesterday for him to take into school for his Teachers as a little Happy Easter gift. I bought the rice paper flowers and the sparkly glitter at the CL Fair last Saturday.

Daisy's new quilt turned up in Tuesday which brought much excitement and bedroom rearranging. Daisy is so like me - it flipping scary. She loves her room just so and is a collector and hoarder just like me.

Do you like her quilt, it has some lovely duck egg blue colours in it. She felt she needed to pinch my duck egg blue (well more like teal actually) Love and Hope cushions from my room to sit on her bed!

I also bought these Susie Watson pillowcases at the CL fair, they are so lovely and crisp and have little pea green polka dots on them. I have a real thing for white pillowcases, my two pillows that go on top of the quilt always have to have white pillow slips. I love the feel of clean, crisp, pressed linen, I look forward every Monday to going to sleep on clean fresh bed linen - how sad I am! I wish I could say that I look forward to ironing all the bedding every week too.

Finally, here are the little needle cases that I made, I said I could make them and I did! I am rather pleased with the finished result and have sewn on some of the little ceramic buttons I bought a few weeks back. I have also made some matching pin cushions. I am planning on giving the first two to my MIL and SIL for Easter along with some home made millionaires shortbread and a little Gerbera in a tin from good old M&S. I would be very happy if I received them as a gifts so I'm hoping they will like them also.

Have a great Easter whatever you get up to and lets hope the weather is kind to us all (well dry at least would be a good start)



  1. What a feast for the eyes!! I love everything, the little jugs, cupcakes, measuring cups, egg cups, the quilt and pillows and definitely the needle cases and pin cushions - all gorgeous!!
    Have a very happy easter.

  2. Well I like your little parrot jug and your needle cases and pin cushions are lovely. Daisy's quilt is gorgeous, lucky girl.

  3. You have been busy - love the pretty needles cases :)

    Your daughter shows signs of excellent taste :)

    Have a lovely easter.

  4. Those are lovely jugs. Love the Waitrose things too - will look out for that, although our local one is quite small and doesn't stock much kitchenware.
    Have a great Easter - I agree that it is wonderful to not have to rush in the mornings.

  5. Your needle cases and pincushions are lovely!
    I'm just about to start a jug and proper china collection (it'll have to be a very small one!) but can't find anything yet in our local charity shops - I'm watching some things on e-bay instead! xx