Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter

Hello and happy Easter to you all. Did the Easter bunny visit your house? He certainly paid us a visit here. We are now the proud owners of our very own chocolate mountain. The little ones took this picture of their chocolate display this morning before they received another three very large eggs each!

We have spent a pleasant day with family and all went out for a lunch. I wish I could say the lunch was lovely but it was in fact it was very disappointing. We went to the Cheerful Soul which is a gastro pub run by a couple who won The Restaurant (TV programme) a couple of years ago. The food was not great and the service bad, however the company was good and we made the best of it. I just hate being disappointed, I was really looking forward to eating there.
I gave my SIL and MIL their Easter gifts and decided on carrot cupcakes instead of millionaires shortbread. Here they are, they tasted lovely even if I say so myself. The gifts seemed well received.

On Saturday we packed a picnic and headed for London with the plan to go to the Science Museum. We drove past the Natural History Museum and the queue zig zagged around the block, the Science Museum was just as bad, so a rapid change of plan saw us heading towards the River and popping over Lambeth Bridge towards the Imperial War Museum. We have never been before and I was a bit worried we would only be there for an hour or so before moans of "I'm bored" were being shouted. What a fabulous museum, it was so interesting and just the right mix of informative and hands on exhibits.

We saw lots of these:-

They had loads of planes suspended from the ceiling.

We went on the Blitz experience and sat down in an air raid shelter whilst bombs dropped all around us.
Here is Daisy and my sister sitting at desk in the 1940's class room. They had a fantastic 1940's house and a prefab to look around. The museum was also hosting a Ministry of Food exhibition which was really interesting. It covered rationing, the land girls and had a mock up of a 1940's sweet shop. The cafe at the Musuem served traditional war time fayre also. Me and my sister indulged in a bit of blancmange, haven't had that since we used to go to birthday parties back in the 1970's! We could have chosen a slice of beetroot and cocoa cake! We all had a great day out, P and Alex loved all the tanks and planes, us girls loved the glimpse of home life during the war. P & I went to look at the Holocaust exhibition which was very moving. You really do have to count your blessings and realise just how lucky we are today, no real worries.

After a busy day we headed home through London. I took a few pics I thought you might like. Just look how grey that sky is!

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament
A drive past Buckingham Palace.

Alex took this picture of our berries that we had on our picnic and I promised I would include it!

Here is my sugary mouthed boy enjoying his picnic in the fresh air.

Enjoy the rest of the Easter hols whatever you do.


  1. Happy Easter Alison!

    Love your piccies - your lovely son looks so angelic!


  2. The Imperial War Museum is fab isn't it. I took my Mum to see the prefab a few years ago as she lived in one for 19 years!

  3. Sounds like you had a great weekend!!! The Imperial War Museum is brilliant, isn't it??

  4. So glad I read this post - we have plans for a London museum day this holiday. I want to go the Imperial War Museum but the Science museum is first choice with the children. I know how busy it gets though which is a bit offputting.

  5. What a lovely weekend! I haven't been to the Imperial War Museum for ages! Looks loke a fun day!

  6. Thanks so much for your lovely comment about Molly, it was really appreciated.

    I loved The Guernsey Pot Peel Pie book. Time Travellers Wife I had to put down in the end. I felt I could guess the end and it was getting a wee bit too depressing. I like happy endings too much I guess. Great book and incredibly clever though.

    Lisa x

  7. Ooooh I've been to that museum! Nice to see familiar photos again. I spent a year in London pre-children. I love London, even the weather which seemed quite fine to me. Nice to meet you at your blog.