Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sunday sneezes

Happy Sunday to you all, its a very sneezy and snotty Sunday here as my cold has come out with a vengeance. I am currently nursing a blackcurrant lemsip and feeling just a tad sorry for myself, I am so bunged up, which for me is the worse part of a cold. Oh to be able to breath through my nose again, it would be such a treat.

I was rudely awoken at 6.30am (old time) by my small boy who was fed up with sleeping. he decided it was time everyone was up and at 'em. It was just as well really as both of them have loads of homework to do and today we effectively loose an hour.

The Country Living Show was fab. We spent four hours drooling over the lovely stands and lets just say rather a lot of purchases were made. My MIL is the worst (read as best) person you could take to such an extravaganza of craftiness, she has no restraint at all and is down right encouraging when it comes to purchasing lovelies.

My best buy was my Jan Constantine cushion which I have been coveting since last Summer when I saw one on the Isle of Wight. Mil treated me to half of it instead of an Easter Egg (I bet she wished I'd chosen an egg, it would have been considerably cheaper). I took ages to choose as when faced with a huge choice I just go to pot. This is what I finally choose.

I got a lovely vintage glass jug and a print (just need to find a frame), a very sweet little needle case, a sweet little cotton nightdress for Daisy and a single patchwork quilt for Daisy's bed.

I liked this little print, its a copy of a piece of embroidery, thought the washing line pretty much sums up my life at times.

Here is the little needle case, I might have a go at making one but I will embroider Needles onto white felt rather than paying out for name tags.

Daisy was also treated to some Maileg furniture for her little rabbits and mice. I must admit I fell in love with the little highchair and the crib.

We enjoyed a nice lunch there too and all in all we had a lovely day.

Alex and P spent the day at London Zoo and I think they enjoyed themselves in spite of the weather.

Pepe is feeling better I think, she likes her new food and seems much more perky.

Here she is having a bit of a roll, the fat old pudding that she is!
Not a lot planned for today really apart from the normal Sunday chores of ironing, Sunday dinner, homework etc etc etc.

Hope your Sunday is considerably less snotty and sneezy than mine.

Alison X


  1. Hi Alison. Poor you, hope you feel better soon. Love love love your cushion - will last so much longer than an egg!


  2. You made some lovely purchases, quite restrained I think. I'm sure I'd have been tempted at every twist and turn. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Ohh love your cushion!! I'd forgo an easter egg for one!!!

    Hope you are feeling better soon xxx

  4. Hope you feel better soon!! Love the cushion!!!

  5. Just found you via Bobobun. Lucky you going to the CL show - one day I shall get there.

  6. Love your cushion - big fan of Jan Constantine!