Thursday, 25 March 2010

Cadbury Goodness

Today has been a rainy grey day here in Bucks, a bit of a disappointment if I am totally honest with you. Anyway when its grey and miserable the best way to cheer oneself up is to get baking and make some yummy treats for the little ones and the big ones in the family.

I thought a few chocolate fairy cakes were in order and here they are all hot and naked from the oven.

A little bit of chocolate butter icing and some delicious Cabury goodness later and here they are all dressed up and ready to eat.

Did I ever mention my slight addiction to Cadbury's chocolate. I just love love love it and I really don't think any other chocolate compares. You can keep your fancy Swiss chocolate or your posh Belgium treats, give me a bar of good old Cadbury's any day of the week. Here are my top five Cadbury treats:-

1) Creme Egg


3)Chocolate Buttons

4)Freddo Frog

5)Dairy Milk

Do you enjoy a bit of chocy? Go on tell me your favourite nibble.

I am a bit worried about Pepe at the moment. She has been acting very depressed for the last few days. She has hardly budged off the bed and has eaten very little of her food. I am guessing the food is the problem, she has gone on hunger strike after deciding she hates Felix pouches. She has been a misery and not her normal self at all. Maybe some new food tomorrow will cheer her up, if not I fear a trip to the vets will be in order. Here she is in all her grumpy gingerness.

The foam finally arrived to make Daisy a cushion to go on the top of her chest in her bedroom. I was all excited and keen to start making the cushion cover. Well let me tell you what a bugger it was to make. I sort of got impatient and rushed it a bit rather than do it slowly and think things through. I wasn't happy with the finished result but Daisy was thrilled and has turned the chest into a little sofa. My next job is to sand the chest down and paint it white. A job for when the weather is a bit more consistent I think.

Here is the little spotty bench seat, adorned with Daisy's cushions and her little owls. Do you like the little knitted owl, he was from the craft fair at the weekend. He is filled with lavender and wheat and you can warm him up in the microwave.

Oh look another little owl sat in Alex's room next to Bertie Basset, they must be breeding those little owls.

Here's another pic of the bench, check out the rubbish looking cover. I may try to make another one when I get a bit more time and have a bit more patience.

Sorry this post has been a bit rambling, I did plan on writing it this afternoon when I was in the mood but P came home early and dragged me down to the garden centre for a cup of tea and a mooch round. I am now tired, not really in the mood and Alex is hassling me to use the computer. I am also coming down with a cold judging by the amount of sniffing and sneezing I'm doing.

Looking forward to Saturday when we are off to the Country Living show in London, which should be great.

Have a great weekend whatever you do.




  1. Oooh I love the cushion seat you made. Love the spotty fabric you used. Very pretty colours. I know what you mean though sometimes its so tempting to just jump in and to hell with it to get to that end triumphant ta-da moment. I have done it loads of times.

    Love the little owls too really pretty. Oh And i love Cadburys too. Although partial to the Green and Blacks caramel as well. Only that one the others are a bit ugh!lol.

    Hope you have a great weekend.


  2. Thank you for your kind words about the wretched cover. I love the ta-da moment best of all but I am rather impatient and can rush things at times. I am also a perfectionist so constantly annoyed that my handy work doesn't measure up to my expectations.

    Have a great weekend too.


  3. The cakes look lovely!!! My favourite choc bar is Flake straight from the fridge!!
    Hope Pepe is better soon!!!
    Love the cushion seat, it's pretty!!

  4. ooo yummy chocolate cupcakes :-) mine is creme egg every time i love this time of year when they are in the shops! the cushion looks lovely to me :-)
    Lesley x

  5. Oh Poor little Pepe, I do hope she is OK, My cat has been quite a sickly cat with one thing and another so I know how you feel, its terribly worrying.
    Oh and my favourite choccy has to be Galaxy im afraid and I do love Violet cream chocolates, oh and Green & Blacks Maya fact, im not so fussy when it comes to Chocolate, ill have any!!!....and it shows!

  6. Hiya
    I'm so with you about Cadburys chocolate, I love the stuff. My favs are Twirl, Wispa and of course Dairy Milk!

    Your cushion looks great, I'm fairly new to sewing and so far not many cushions have turned out perfect I always make a mistake somewhere! But I need practice, practice, practice lol. Hope you enjoy the CL show.

  7. I was just about to say I can't see what's wrong with that cushion, are you by any chance a perfectionist (like me) but then I read your comment and see you are a self-confessed perfectionist. Nobody else notices the things that we notice and don't like about our own work!!
    I do hope Pepe is eating again soon, it's such a worry when they're off their food, I've got to the stage where I just go to the vets but then we have got insurance now - it was a good job we had because when Newton was ill it cost over £1000! Anyway, hopefully some new food will bring a purr back to her - they can be so fussy can't they?
    I like plain chocolate best but only because I try and fool myself it's better for me! Green and Blacks cherry is my favourite!
    I LOVE those owls, what great faces they have!
    Have a lovely time at the show xx