Monday, 8 March 2010

Crochet, cupcakes and little bunnies

Monday again, how did that happen so quickly. The weekend flew by so quickly, Friday night one minute then suddenly its Monday morning again.

Had a busy weekend, the children both had parties to go to and so did me and P. It was friends 40th birthday so we had a nice night out and the kids had a sleepover with Nanny and Grampy. It was lovely to put on a dress and heels for once. I am so used to wearing jeans and trousers all of the time that it feels quite strange to dress up. I am definitely not cut out for high heel wearing on a regular basis. However there is something about a pair of stupidly high heels that I am magnetically drawn to, particularly if they have peep toes or are patent leather. I think its the slut in me trying to get out lol.

We decided to brave the very chilly Sunday weather and go for a walk to Burnham Beeches. The sun was shinning and the sky was blue and cloudless but blimey was it parky. We had a good walk through the Beeches and found the perfect fallen branch to make our Spring tree. It was going to be our Easter tree but the children wanted to decorate it on Sunday afternoon and decided they couldn't possibly wait until Easter. So it looks as though this little beauty will be in the lounge until at least Easter. Here it is in all its glory (trust me it looks better in real life!)

P and Alex walking in the Beeches.

Crafting has taken a bit of a back seat this weekend but I did have my tea and crochet lesson from the lovely J and here is my very first ever attempt at crocheting. Are you ready for it......

I think its going to be a scarf for Daisy's favourite toy Doggy.

I am determined to learn enough to be able to make a blanket, that's the plan anyway. I can do the chain stitch (think that's what it's called) and the double crochet stitch but that's all at the moment. I fear I have an awful lot to learn. I found it incredibly tricky to start with and got very frustrated but then it seemed to click into place and away I went.

If any one has any tips or easy blanket patterns that they can recommend for a beginner then I would be very grateful.

Both my children have suddenly discovered hot chocolate. Neither ever drank hot drinks and now they are both addicted to a pre teeth clean bedtime cup of this..

I just wanted to leave you with a picture of the cutest little mice and rabbits my two have been playing this weekend.

They got their match box mice for Christmas and I found the little bunnies in John Lewis last week. How cute are they all lined up.

Planning on making some cupcakes tomorrow. I picked up a copy of the Humming Bird cupcake book in Waitrose last week. It was on the end of an aisle that had been decorated with all sorts of lovely things for Mothers day. I couldn't resist it and it had £3 off.

I am going to make some chocolate ones I think, they look pretty good. I will take a photo for next time of the finished results. I make chocolate cupcakes ordinarily but I will follow their recipe and see whose taste the best. I like a culinary challenge.


  1. I love the maileg toys we have the larger brother and sister ones but I oops I mean the children would love the mice !