Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Its March ..... Hooray

It March, thank goodness February's gone, its been a stressy sort of a month to say the least. A new month and hopefully a bit of Spring to look forward to.

The last few days have been busy as usual but how lovely to be busy when the sun is shinning. The past two days have been glorious, I have done lots of this..

Lots of lovely fresh bedding, dried out on the line and then pressed the same day.

The fatty ginger has loved this sunny weather and has spent every opportunity outside sitting in the sun. Here she is in all her ginger gloriousness..

Had a mooch around the charity shop on Monday morning and found this table cloth and napkins. The napkins were a totally different colour to the cloth (I guess they haven't been washed as often).

I decided to turn the napkins into these two little pictures, I have spent the last couple of nights working on them. They are supposed to have that very home made feel to them - honestly.

I was inspired by the pictures that Bertie Meadows made and had these two wooden frames in the kitchen with two rather old and faded post cards in them. They make that little corner look rather sweet now.
Been doing lots of baking as normal, made a malt loaf and some bread on Sunday and some little Easter cupcakes for the kids to take in their packed lunches for school.

Also acquired this little chap on Tuesday, found him in this lovely shop near to me called Ginger Pop (love the name). He looked like such a happy puss that I had no choice but to take him home.

Do you like my chicken, another of Monday's charity shop finds.. I though he might be useful for Easter, the kids loved him and promptly turned him into a chicken hat and paraded around the house with him on their heads. The lovely P just shook his head an mumbled something about there being enough junk in this house already...! He was brand new (can't imagine why someone wouldn't want to keep him!) and is an ulster weavers make (they make lots of lovely tea towells) so a well made little chicken indeed. He is currently keeping the biscuit tin warm and out of my view.
Have been doing a bit of my union jack cushion also, so making some progress with that. My lovely friend J, has tried to teach me how to crochet. It was a lot trickier than I had anticipated. She sent me on my way with a kids - how to crochet book , some yarn and a crochet hook and told me to get some practise in. I think we might aim for a coffee and crochet morning next week, because I am struggling even with a well illustrated kiddies book. There is no hope for me I fear. Enjoy the sun whatever you are doing.

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  1. Hello, I've just found you via Mrs Bobo Bun's blog and it seems that we have a lot in common! Don't give up on the crochet! Will pop back soon! Rebecca x