Thursday, 9 January 2014


Hello, I have managed to download a blogger app to my IPad which should make writing posts an awful lot easier. So this is a test post to try out the new app.

Little Pumpkin!

Splatty boy!

Here is our new little girl called Pumpkin, she is a real sweetie. We got her in October and she has fitted in so well. She really loves Splatty boy and curls up with him. He in return brings mice in for her to play with! She is just waiting to have her big girl operation and in the Spring she will be able to start going outside.

This new year I decided to try and stick to dry January, no alcohol for the whole month! It's been going well but tomorrow it's my works Christmas party. The dilemma is whether to break it for one night or stay on the wagon! I'm still undecided, it seems a bit rude to miss out on a totally free bar!

It's my favourite day of the week tomorrow - Friday yay! It's craft and coffee in the morning and then a free afternoon. I'm trying to crack on with my rooster yarn granny stripe blanket at the moment. Here it is, what do you think?

The weather has been so very wet here this week, the river Thames has flooded locally, with Cookham, Bourne End and Marlow flooded in places. There are so many gorgeous river front houses just down the hill from us, but I really wouldn't want to be in their shoes right now. I suppose it's the price we have to pay for such a dry Summer. I really hope that the freezing weather across the pond doesn't wing it's way over here. I don't really fancy waking up to an Artic Vortex thank you very much!
I have been trying to organise our digital photos over the past week. The fact that they are spread over four old laptops, had been bothering me. I decided to sort them out and save them all to a memory stick. In the good old days, you sent off your film, got the photos back and then put them into albums. The digital age in my opinion has killed off that simple process. Last weekend, I retrieved the old photos, loaded them all onto a memory stick and then decided to make a memory book for both Daisy and Alex. Luckily Snapfish had 50% off on all of the photo books. The books arrived this week and I am so pleased with them. I think it's a lovely keep sake for the children, and a lovely reminder for us!
I have also dug out my SLR camera, charged the battery and found the SD card, so I have no excuses now for not taking photographs. I would hate the children to look back at their childhood and find large chunks of it missing just because the camera was sat in the cupboard with a flat battery and missing SD card!
Well that's it from me for tonight, time for bed!
Till next time

Alison x x



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  1. Well, it looks like the ipad app might have worked for you! The ipad was the beginning of the end for me with blogging - typing, loading photos, just very very hard. I have gone back to a laptop but if you're finding the ipad is now doable - I might have another look!

    The flooding sounds awful. In East Anglia it's wetter than we're used to but still nothing compared to the rest of the country. Hope your feet are staying dry now!