Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Hello, Happy Mothers Day to all you mums. I hope you have been made to feel special today. I have had a very lazy Mothers day. I enjoyed breakfast in bed and then had a pile of lovely present to open. I had some lovely smellies, some vintage style bits and pieces including a ration book note book and all hidden inside a lovely union jack storage chest. Daisy and Mr P made a trip to the garden centre last week, where Daisy spent an age choosing bits and pieces that she knew I would like. I was thoroughly spoiled. I also received two very lovely handmade cards.

After this lovely start to the morning, it was time to get up and make a quiche, as the in-laws had been invited over for a spot of Mothers day lunch. They arrived at midday and my lovely MIL had bought me a bunch of lovely spring flowers just because it was mothers day. Lunch was eaten, followed by a trip to the park and then back home in time for Daisy to go horse riding.

I didn't go out to the park as yesterday I took a nasty fall whilst out for a walk with Daisy. We had the afternoon to ourselves as the boys had gone to watch football. We were left without the car so we planned a walk down the hill to the next village and then we planned to catch the train into Marlow for a mooch around the shops. I fell over in spectacular fashion whilst walking down the hill. I was walking one minute and flat on my face the next. The path was in a very poor state and my ankle had gone over on a very uneven patch of path. I fell heavily on my knee and managed to cut it. Luckily no-one saw me fall, that would have been so embarrassing! I had to lean against a fence for a while as I felt really sick afterwards. I think I last fell over when I was 17, so it was probably the shock of it that made me feel sick.

We managed carry on into the village, me hobbling very slowly and went to the chemist to get some plasters for my knee. Eventually we made it to the train station to catch the train into Marlow. My knee was very sore and stiff and it was a bit of an effort hobbling around the shops.

This morning my knee felt much better and I smugly thought I had got away without too much damage. However, as the morning went on I started to ache all over, I literally ache from head to toe. My arms in particular are very tender. So I spent most of the day just sitting around feeling a tad sorry for myself. My sister offered to take Daisy to horse riding as she enjoys watching her, so I even managed a sneaky doze in the chair this afternoon whilst they were out and Mr P was upstairs doing his paperwork. He guessed I had fallen asleep as he shouted down "I hope you are not asleep down there" he knows me so well!

I have an interview tomorrow morning, so wish me luck as this is the first job that I have applied for that I would really like to get. Its only for 40 hours per month as a pre-school administrator, working from home. It sounds interesting, I have all the skills that they are looking for and it would fit in around family life. Alex has already told me he doesn't think I will get the job! Kids - don't you just love them!

I have ordered a bike. I have been thinking about getting one for a while as I am finding the cost of petrol just ridiculous for the amount of miles I actually do. I do mostly local trips, just here and there, popping to the shops. Probably half of those could be cycled to. So that's the plan, cycle instead of drive if at all possible. The kids also like to go out for a cycle ride, so it will save me trying to keep up with them. I have ordered a traditional style bike with a basket, unfortunately not a Pashley, shame I don't have a spare £650, the one I have ordered is a much cheaper make and model. I should have it by next weekend all being well.

No photos tonight, I will do a daytime post this week and include lots of photographs. I seem to have lost my blogging urge at the moment. It's not that I have lost interest in blogging just lost the will to actually write!

An interview, quilting and parents evening to look forward to tomorrow, along with all the usual Monday jobs. I am feeling tired out just thinking about it all!

Till next time. Alison x


  1. Sweet post. Happy Mother's Day and I hope that your knee is better soon xx

  2. Good luck with the interview sounds just like the sort of job Im looking for!! Hope your knee is better soon.
    Hugs Pene x

  3. Ouch that fall sounds nasty. Hope your knee is soon better. Best of luck with the interview! x

  4. Hope you are feeling better. Give me a ring if you need any help with anything. PS. There is something for you on my blog. x

  5. Ooohhh - hope you feel better soon.

    Just wanted to say the Piriton worked a treat - along with Calomine, bicarb baths and salt baths now we have scabs.

    Thanks ever so,

    Nina x

  6. your bike sounds lovely, hope your knee's feeling better x