Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter

Hello and Happy Easter. Yet again it's been a while, lots going on in the Gingercat house and not much time to spare I'm afraid.

All is good here, we have been enjoying the glorious weather and spending lots of time outside. I collected my bike last Wednesday, here she is. It has been lovely having a bike again, it's been a while and I was a bit wobbly at first! I have been out for a few rides, just to the shops and out for little rides with the children.

I have finally finished my sister's birthday blanket, I finished off the edging just this afternoon. My sister is coming for tea tomorrow so I will give it to her then. Do you like the edging? It's a row of trebles, then two rows of double crochet and then a little purple edging row. Here it is in all of its glory. I have to say I am very pleased with it and I am a bit sorry to see it go.

Finally a picture of my patchwork cushion. I think I'm fairly pleased with it for a first attempt. The patches all line up and the appliqued hearts look reasonably good. I haven't had a chance to get on with my quilt what with the school holidays and all, so I am looking forward to going back to college in a couple of weeks and finally being able to spend some time on it.

Easter preparations in the Gingercat house were a little delayed this year (well compared to last year). Our Easter tree only went up this morning and was hastily decorated by my two over excited little helpers. The Easter bunny called at our house and Daisy and Alex had great fun hunting in the garden for chocolate chicks and bunnies. Vast quantities of chocolate have already been consumed. It is also Mr P's birthday today, so on top of all the chocolate we have also been out for a yummy pub lunch with family and then back for tea and birthday cake sat in the garden in the sunshine.

Easter cupcake were hastily baked this morning and topped with little sugar icing eggs.

We have spent lots of time sorting the garden out over the past few weeks and it's looking good, so good in fact we are now undecided about whether we want to move just yet. We love living in our little cottage and especially love the garden but we do need more living space. Our hearts are still very firmly attached to our little house and that's the problem. We need to move but we don't really want to. I think we will put our house on the market at some point this year but maybe just not yet. It's very depressing when you look around and see what we can actually afford, an extra £100,000 buys you very little in the South East. It is such a huge amount of money for such little gain in my opinion.

Moving on from depressing house plans, we had a lovely picnic at Cliveden on Friday afternoon. Cliveden is a National Trust property about four miles from our house, it's the house famed with the Profumo affair during the 1960's and the Astor family. The house is owned by the National Trust but leased and run as a very lovely luxury hotel, with the gardens open to the public. They have wonderful gardens and have just recreated a yew maze that existed in the 1800's. The maze was an experience to say the least. We all made it to the middle fairly easily but getting out was another matter! Daisy and I were stuck in the maze for ages, we even phoned Mr P on his mobile to come and rescue us. Mr P and Alex had gone on in front and managed to loose us on the way out, they however seemed to find the exit easily. The National Trust had laid on an Easter egg hunt and crafts for the children, so we all enjoyed a really lovely afternoon. Here is Daisy tucking into a hot cross bun!

Alex and Mr P enjoying the sunshine.

Homemade hot cross buns made on Friday morning and enjoyed on our picnic. They were lovely, so much nicer than shop bought ones.

Here is Daisy's finished bedroom furniture, do you remember I had plans to have her furniture shabby chic'd. It's finally been finished and I am really pleased with it. It feels as though she has new furniture even though it's the same old pieces just with a paint job face lift.

Daisy asked me to show you her collage she made for her school's art gallery. Each year they host an arts and crafts fair which includes a children's art gallery. This year's theme was Great Britain. Daisy decided on the great British seaside. She used various fabrics and I think she did a really good job. She even got a head teachers award for her effort.

Do you remember that a few weeks back I went for an interview, well I got offered the job and start it the week after next! It's for 30 - 40 hours per month working mainly from home as an administrator for a local preschool. I am really looking forward to starting and it means that I have been able to give up one of the two cleaning jobs that I do and loathe. I am still able to work at the after school art club and have decided for the time being to keep the other cleaning job. I should still have some time for crafting and blogging if all goes to plan.

Well its time to get the smalls into bed, and then to plan my next crochet project. I have loads of crocheted squares that I started last Summer but never finished so I need to come up with a cunning plan for using them and turning them into something colourful and lovely.

Till next time.




  1. Blimey you have been busy :)

    Am loving the bicycle - hope you & it have many happy miles together.

    Please tell Daisy her picture is wonderful - perfectly captures the british seaside :)

  2. Hi, I am new to your blog. I love the bedroom. The rug on the floor is cute and the furniture looks gorgeous. My daughter has a similar Paddington, although I think it is more mine than hers!