Friday, 14 January 2011

Blog Award

Evening all, just thought I would pop by and thank Pene from Scrap My Midlife Crisis, who several days ago awarded me this lovely blog award.

Now for the tricky part, I need tell you seven things about myself. This is going to be very tricky as I am really very very boring.

1) The only food I truly hate is liquorice, the taste of it makes me heave. I also particularly dislike cauliflower just because it is so white - it's colour literally puts me off eating it.

2) I once went to pick my son up from nursery with a long trail of toilet roll hanging out from the back of my trousers (not sure how or why it got caught up in the back of my knickers - it was clean and luckily not used)! Luckily my friend spotted it before anyone else from nursery did - I had however walked past a group of workmen outside my house who were digging up the road - my GOD the shame still lives with me today.

3)I hate flying and normally have to get a bit pissed on long haul flights to be able to survive them. Without a drink, I usually start to feel a bit panicky and want to get off in mid air.

4)I love Malibu and cokes - I am so stuck back in the 80's its very sad but also very true!

5)I would love to go to Italy and in particular Rome - but not with the kids. It's going to be mine and Mr P's first holiday choice once the kids are old enough to stay home alone.

6)I am not at all into music. I do listen to the radio but I only own about two CD's. I have an IPhone which is loaded with music but its more Mr P's collection of songs and artists rather than my own. I do like Take That though and have tickets to see them in July - Yay.

7)If I had to choose food for my last supper then it would be a prawn cocktail (served on iceberg lettuce with brown bread and butter cut into triangles) followed by my spag bol (but with freshly grated parmesan and not the puke in a tub ala 1980) and a nice sherry trifle for pudding. I told you I was stuck in the 80's! My friend Julia and I often go to a local pub for a retro lunch where we always choose 1980's style food. There is something strangely satisfying about tucking into gammon and pineapple or scampi, chips and peas!

Those 7 boring facts took me about an hour to think up - how sad is that.

I now need to pass this award onto 15 bloggers. Choosing fifteen blogs would probably take me another hour, so if you have managed to read this far then you deserve to receive this award. So please feel free to list seven facts about yourself. Lets hope they are more interesting than mine and they don't take you an hour to think up!

Till next time.



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