Tuesday, 11 January 2011

After my "I hate January" post yesterday evening, I thought I would add some much needed cheery photographs and a splash of colour.

Here is my big ripple blanket, I reckon I am about half way through nearly. I am really enjoying crocheting this monster and can't wait for it to be finished. It's at that stage where I can snuggle it over my legs as I crochet each row, definitely one for the Winter months. My sister has put in an order for a colourful blanket once this one is finished. I think I might just go for a granny stripe as the ripple pattern is fairly time consuming and rather greedy on the old yarn.

Another ripple pic, the light really is rubbish in the Winter for taking photos, the colour of the ripples in real life is much stronger. Mr P isn't keen he reckons it's way to 70's for his liking!

Do you want to see the rather cute little jug that my MIL gave me for Christmas. I love jugs and have a bit of a collection going on. I saw this in a local gallery and fell in love with its unusualness (is that a real word). It is made by a ceramics artist called Katie Almond, who uses ceramics and paper together. Each piece is a mix of hand painted porcelain and hand drawn pictures on paper that are somehow added to the pieces and then semi-glazed. The attention to detail is fantastic with the inside of the jug decorated to look like a dresser stacked with cups, plates and tea pots. I love the quirkiness of her designs.

A peek at the inside.

I have always loved Mabel Lucie Atwell, I used to have a pop up book of hers when I was a child (oh how I wished I had kept it!) So you can imagine my joy when a friend of mine decided to sell off some of her LMA collection. I had admired and coveted her collection for some time, her collection was a hand-me-down from her mum, who had owned it since she was a child. My friend decided just to keep a few bits from the collection and to sell the rest. Anyone who knows anything about MLA will know that on Ebay or in any antiques shop these pieces go for an absolute bomb. When she offered me a tea plate and saucer for the princely sum of £20, I nearly bit her hand off - what a bargain. The plate and saucer are now on the wall in my kitchen. I love MLA drawings, they always make me smile just because of their innocence. I would love another plate or two but they are just so very expensive

The little rhyme on this plate is "Don't forget - the fairies may like a lift upon the way"
And finally a picture of Ginerella as she has become affectionately known (I think she has forgotten that Pepe is her real name!). Once the children have gone to school she takes up residency on the sofa and woe betide anyone who wants to sit in her spot during the day! She is so different from the bag of nerves we adopted nearly two years ago. Her confidence has grown and she finally seems really happy to be living with us.

We have Alex's 7th birthday next Wednesday to prepare for, he is so excited about it already!
Have a great week.


  1. I looooooooove your ripples!!!!
    And if you're feeling the mid-winter blues get over to my blog and join my 'Mid-winter blues' giveaway.
    Em xxxxx

  2. Your ripple blankie is gorgeous. Beeooootiful colours. Love the jug too.

  3. Hello Alison I love it all, especially that jug!

    Clare xx

  4. Pepe is so sweet give her a big hug from me.
    Pene x

  5. http://comfortstitching.typepad.co.uk/comfortstitching/

    Here's the blog of the lady who really knows how to make quilts! Glad you like the blog. See you soon. xx

  6. Hello

    Your ripple blanket is fab! It's my daughters 7th birthday next Thursday, I can't believe my baby is 7, where does the time go?!

    Hope he has a good day!

  7. Your blanket is so cheery! Love the jug and the MLA too. x