Sunday, 26 September 2010

The "Please help me decide" mini giveaway!

Can you help me please? I am having a job deciding on the colour of my mixer. Should I go cream or bright bubblegum pink? Safe and boring or loud and proud?
Here it is in nice safe cream, it goes perfectly in my kitchen and would match my mixer and toaster and would sit there blending in happily for the rest of its life.
Or how about bright bubblegum (think dark pink hubba bubba). It would blend in like a glowing zit on the end of your nose but you would definitely know it was there. Will I tire of its brightness?. Will I grow to loath its shocking exterior?
I am sort of veering towards the loud and proud pink but my play it safe head is shouting go cream.
I know its not a life or death decision but humour me anyway.
I have until Thursday to decide. So please leave a comment that will hopefully help me make up my mind. I could turn this into a little giveaway I suppose and send a small pressie to the owner of a randomly picked comment drawn from a hat.
Please play along and make a very sad (as in saddo not upset) person very happy.
Till next time


  1. Pink I think!!! It'll cheer you up on a dark and dreary day in winter.
    Pene x
    Ps just posted info on my giveaway so pop over

  2. Well for me its loud and proud any day of the week so I would definately be going for pink. But if you think that you would get bored of it and feel that cream is for you maybe you should play safe, after all they are a lot of money and not something you could easily replace.

    Hope that helps!

    MBB x

  3. If the rest of the things are pale and sensible then one statement piece would look great :)

  4. I like the pink one, but it sure is shocking pink! :o) Hmmm. I think I would go 'safe and boring' and get the white.

  5. It has to be pink - that would cheer me up every time I looked at it! Whatever you decide, what a lovely new toy to play with! x

  6. Oh yes, most definitely pink - it's stunning.

    I had the exact quandary when we bought our new kettle - cream or cherry red - and am sooo glad we opted for the red!


  7. It depends on your kitchen. I think I'd go with the cream but then I'm boring.

  8. CREAM!!!!!!! You will never regret it!!

  9. Cream. It's a big investment. You can add accents of brighter colours with candles, china, mats etc. that aren't so expensive to change. Sorry, I know that's really safe and boring!! But I hope even after all the comments your heart will tell you clearly which one to go for. xx