Thursday, 30 September 2010

Mini Giveaway Winner!

Good evening, it's a bit later than planned but we have a mini giveaway winner! Thank you for leaving your comments. Each comment was read and noted and I think I have decided on my mixer colour. I'm afraid I am going to play it safe and go for the cream. A bit boring I know, but I won't tire of cream and knowing me I will soon get fed up with the shocking pink.

So without further ado, lets pick a winner. Names all folded up in the little green glass bowl.

Daisy dips in and makes her selection.

Drum roll please.....and the winner is

Well done Vicki, please email me your address and I will pop this little package of goodies in the post.

I am so tired tonight, I stupidly stayed up until 12.45 am yesterday as I was trying to complete Mr P's VAT return. I got all the accounts up to date and for the first time had to use the on-line VAT submission. I merrily entered all the figures and then read "your VAT return for the period ending August 2010 is due by 7 October 2010" The normal deadline is the 30th September but for some reason when you submit on line they allow you an extra seven days. Now had I have realised this then I blooming well wouldn't have sat up half the night trying to get it finished. I have felt like a zombie today!

I did make a start on my new ripple blankie at the weekend and I am loving it already. The Stylecraft is lovely to work with and although there are a few iffy colours in the 17 I ordered, on the whole I think it's going to be a really colourful and snuggly blanket, perfect for a chilly winters evening snuggled up on the sofa. I love the ripple pattern, it is so lovely to work, therapeutic even. Here is the start of my blanket, do you like?

I did manage a band of blue as well but somewhere in the pattern I had made a mistake and had to undo it all.
I will leave you with some pictures I took this morning. Did anyone else wake up to an Autumnal wonderland? It was fairly chilly an misty in my part of Bucks and there was a very heavy dew on the ground.
It was quite magical, spider webs everywhere and another mass of toadstools all over the lawn. It was the sort of morning that was straight out of a flower fairy book. I could just imagine those little fairies flying around and having a rest on a toadstool. Anyone else love the flower fairy books? Daisy has loads of them and I used to love reading them to her.

It's Friday tomorrow already, this week has been busy and I am really ready for the weekend. We don't have anything special planned for the weekend and I don't think the weather is supposed to be that great. Hopefully I should get my mixer tomorrow, my lovely friend is getting it for me using her staff discount.
I must make a start on my letter to my new penpal courtesy of Becki at "the ramblings of an everyday mummy" who arranged the penpals. I am also taking part in the advent swap, so I must contact Pene my swap partner and sort out likes and dislikes. So much to do and not enough time once again!
I think a weekend of playing with my new toy, a bit of rippling and very little housework would suit me just fine.
Have a lovely weekend whatever you do.
Till next time.
Alison x


  1. Well done Vintage Vicki!

    Those are SOME spider webs you have in your garden, I wouldnt fancy meeting the ownwer!

    I think you chose well with the cream mixer. I have alot of red in my kitchen and would love a red one but when it comes down to it, they are pretty pricey and I woul probably settle for a colour that wouldnt 'age'.

  2. Wooohoooooooooo - what a great start to the day :) Log into blogger and find I'm a winner :)

    Shall email you straight away :)

    and Thank you

  3. Boo hiss to VAT returns - I know them well. Thankfully I'm still on a paper copy as the shop I work for is so very tiny but I'm sure I won't escape much longer. I always end up double and triple-checking everything and am so glad when each one's done. I was up till 2am making a tea cosy which was a bit silly but I just wanted to get it out of the way, so I've had an afternoon snooze! I do hope you like your cream mixer, I feel jointly responsible for the safe choice - buy some lovely bright accessories in pink instead! xx