Saturday, 17 April 2010


Well hello, it's been a while since I've updated, we have had a very a busy week with the little ones still on school hols and to be honest my head wasn't really in blogland.

We have had a mixed week of days out and lazy days at home. We were without our car for three days as it needed a new middle rear seat belt (it just stopped working for some odd reason) and an MOT. It took three days (yes you heard right) three days for them to replace it. I felt like I had been transported back to the 1970's when our only means of transport was on foot or waiting an age for a bus (we have a very rural bus service to our village). Anyway the kids managed to scoot everywhere whilst I hot footed behind them. We enjoyed some activities at the local library on a couple of the days which is always fab and free too.

We managed to get to Cadbury's world and had a really nice day out with the In-laws. We had lots of free chocolate and enjoyed our little tour round learning all about the the history of chocolate and we all enjoyed the part when you get to drink melted chocolate with your own choice of topping. I went for marshmallows, a little girl in front of me actually chose liquorice all sorts in hers - yuk, yuk, yuk.

Here's Daisy Doo sat by a mock up of an old Cadbury's advert.

We managed to meet my oldest friend and her two little ones at the Odds Farm Park which is a rare breads farm just five minutes from our house. We had a lovely if not rather cold day there.

I loved this old fella, I think he has a really sweet face. Daisy is mad about horses and rides each week. Unfortunately both of them are really allergic to horses. Daisy has to take antihistamines before each lesson.

I liked the chickens too, I would love to keep them but P loves his garden too much and would hate the damage they would do to his plants, not to mention the chicken poo.

This fella was most definitely in charge bossing all the hens around.

We went on a very long walk last Sunday to Virginia Water which is adjacent to Saville Gardens and Windsor Great Park. There is a massive lake there which we walked around whilst the little ones whizzed round it on their bikes.

Valley gardens is part of the park and they had some fab displays of daffodils, magnolias, rhododendrons and these weird plants called skunk cabbages. Strange name for a plant that doesn't smell.

The terrors managed to sniff out an ice cream van .

Its been a glorious day here today, really warm and sunny. I had arranged to meet my sister at 9.30 am to go off for a mooch around a large car boot sale. P was tasked with taking the little ones to the cinema to finally see Nanny McPhee. P hates car booties with a passion and would much rather scoff sweets and watch a good film.

It wasn't the best car booty in the world, yes it was large but there were so many traders there, I prefer the smaller booties with just stalls selling people's junk. I did manage to find a little glass sugar shaker for £1.50 which will come in handy when Daisy wants a little sprinkling of icing sugar on her eggy bread.

Also found these vintage coaster in their very own little case for just 50p

This little glass fella had to come home with me and is now on Daisy's window sill with all her other glass bits and pieces. He reminds me of the crocodile in the Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dhal.

Next task of the day was to stop at Waitrose and do the weekly shop. What should be advertised on the way into the car park , an antiques fair in the church hall next door. It would have been rude not to pop in.

I found a 1972 ladybird book for a couple quid which Daisy was really pleased with and also a funky Stratton compact which due to the fur (not sure if its real or fake) seemed to freak the kids out. Thinking about it, I do have this horrible feeling it might be real, if I had put any thought into it them maybe I wouldn't have bought it.

Well its the last day of the hols tomorrow and then boo hoo back to school on Monday. We have had a fab break and I have so enjoyed having the little ones at home. We are picnicked out and I think tomorrow will just be a day out in the garden and hopefully enjoying some sunshine. I never got my weeding done last weekend so still owe you a garden update post.

Oh I have been a brave novice blogger and entered two swaps. I am very excited about them both. First there is the "Good Enough to Eat" one and secondly the "great apron 2010 swap". I am really looking forward to receiving my parcels and also making my apron. I have pretty much got my bits together for the good enough to eat swap, I just need to work on my hand made item. Hopefully I will have a bit of time during the week to complete it.

I will leave you with a picture of my Kiss cushion, just to prove that I have been doing a tiny bit of crafting over the last two weeks. I googled the kiss cushion and found a couple of web sites that sell them made up for £300! They state that there are over 28,000 stitches and take the maker 50 + hours to make. I shall not let these facts put me off and I will finish the cushion even if it kills me!


  1. I love your newly acquired goodies! especially the sugar shaker and the super kitsch coasters, they are fab!
    I too went to one of those huge car boots last weekend and came home with less than id expected. Oh well...tis the season for Car Boots so hopefully the next one will be more productive.

  2. You have been busy!! But it sounds like fun - well apart from the car business!!! Love your new finds!!

  3. Good luck with the cushion! I started a cushion just before my eldest was born - I was so bored in the last couple of weeks as I'd stopped work and was stuck in the house, but I'm afraid it's still in the same state it was in the day before I went into labour! I've just googled yours to see how it will all look - it's lovely and so colourful, hope you get some time to relax and sew! xx