Sunday, 18 April 2010

A day in the Garden

Two posts in two days, I am doing well! We have had a nice day out in the sunshine, just enjoying the last day of the holidays and making the most of the sunny weather.

I took some photographs of the various plants that are growing out in the garden, it looks so colourful now compared to a few weeks ago when any colour outside was hard to find.

The Spring bulbs are flowering well and we have some lovely fringed tulips out in the tiny front flowerbed. They are real show stoppers.

I was very excited to find that my potatoes have started to shoot through, we may get spuds after all.

My newly acquired Aloe Vera plant seems to like its new spot outside, its is such a fab plant for medicinal purposes. It really does sooth a burn.

As you can see I have done lots and lots of washing today, its was all dried free of charge on the washing line and has that lovely fresh outside smell to it. I have even ironed it all - blimey how good am I.

When I took the picture of the playhouse I just didn't realise how tired looking it is. I think a lick of paint and some new curtains are definitely in order. Some cheery geraniums are a must for those window boxes I think.

Well we did manage to squeeze in one last picnic lunch. We dug out the old picnic hamper from the loft, dusted it down and packed it ready for lunch, We enjoyed cheese and crackers (the crackers where an unopened layer found in the box we bought at Christmas - still in date just!) squash poured from a slightly smelly thermos, crisps and fruit out on the lawn. It was a rather basic but surprisingly tasty lunch.

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I spent some time this afternoon working on my hand made item for the "good enough to eat" swap. It didn't turn out as planned, so I gave it to Daisy and will start again tomorrow. She was pleased with it, but it didn't quite measure up to my expectations.

I will leave you with a couple of pictures that greeted me when I went to check the little ones earlier tonight. My two seem to be obsessed with anything that doesn't belong to them, and they do their up most to acquire the coveted item. Let me explain, P has had a cold for the past two weeks and his snoring at night has gone off the scale. It's like sleeping next to Nellie the flipping elephant. There are only so many sleepless nights a person can tolerate before action is needed. So a week ago I went out and bought a pack of ear plugs. The little pack contained three sets of brightly coloured plugs and were safely stashed in my bedside cabinet.

Slowly but surely the earplugs started to vanish. I did start to wonder if they had fallen out during the night or had fallen into the abyss under our bed. I now know exactly where they went!!
Daisy really suits day glow orange!

Alex lime green is just so you!
Till next time.


  1. Lovely photos!! Gorgeous kids!!

  2. I can't believe they took your ear-plugs! I've needed earplugs to sleep well ever since I had my eldest. My two just laugh at me though and think you have to be really old and mad to need any, mind you mine are boring beige! xx

  3. What a gorgeous garden! How lovely that you had such a lovely Easter holiday with your gorgeous children!

  4. Hi Alijane, thanks for your visit to my blog. Its lovely having the children at home but relief when they are back at school! The ear plugs must have worked as they look so peaceful. I really like reading your blog so will pop by again soon.
    Best regards