Wednesday, 24 February 2010

When you feel fed up just remember those little things

Another few days of feeling stressed and fed up, life is a bugger at times, but hey ho it still goes on. Here are a few things that I ....

My new Sarah Smith fabric shopping bag, just loving the pretty Daises. Do I really need another bag, I think not but it didn't stop me from parting with my cash!

The lovely Hyacinths on my kitchen window, they are just opening up and a starting to smell divine.

My jug of Daffs on the table, a jug of my favourite yellow flowers always brings a smile to my face.

And of course anything from the lovely Cath Kidston. This was my bag I made from my Cath Kidston Sew book. I added on some vintage red & cream buttons just to make it mine. Then Daisy saw it an begged it to be hers.

And of course my big fat ginger pudding of a cat Pepe, the lazy thing has been sleeping on my bed all day and doesn't look as though she is going anywhere soon!!

P is now back at work after two days in bed and is feeling much better. His business has been causing us stress over the last few days, people not paying on time, the usual rubbish you put up with when you run your own business.
On the plus side though I made a malt loaf yesterday, never made one before. It was for school as they are having a healthy eating week. They are selling healthy snacks at break time and today's is malt loaf. It smelt great and I think I might pop into town and buy some malt and make another for us to eat at home.
Making some lovely Tai fish cakes for tea. I might take some pics and post the recipe later. Got loads of ironing to do tonight worse luck. Anyway must dash ,off for tea, biscuits and chat with two friends.

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