Monday, 22 February 2010

The best laid plans...

Today hasn't really turned out as I had planned. After our wonderful meal out yesterday evening, the lovely P didn't sleep a wink and come morning was feeling pretty dreadful, full of pounding headache and feeling sick. Was it a bug or was it the food? Who knows but he spent the day in bed trying to decide.

So my lovely day at home with lots of crafting planned turned into a stressy day with very little being achieved. I went to the dentist and endured a filling, came home and tried to complete all the housework that needed doing. Was interrupted with a phonecall from microsoft who had phoned back to try and talk me through a repair to my laptop that spectacularly stopped working last Wednesday. An hour later and my laptop is still pretty poorly and my housework is still unfinished.

I spent some of the afternoon sorting out paperwork for P's business and finally finished of the housework. My next task was to try and build a playmobile farm from a picutre I had printed off the net, I know those assembly instructions are filed away safely just can't remember where. After an hour of fiddling and much cursing the farm was restored to its former glory and now takes pride of place next to the riding school and playmobil pyramid on the lounge floor!!

Picked Bing and Bong up from school and headed home in the damp sleety rain. Great joy at the sight of the newly erected farm. Half an hour of lovely play was followed by argueing when little man accidently broke the farm building. Little lady started shouting and for some unknown reason little Bong felt the urge to take a small bite out of little lady's arm.

Little Bong was sent to his room to have a serious think about his biting antics whist me and Bing decided a lemon drizzle cake would definataly cheer us all up. Bing is very excited about the blog and wanted us to include photo's of the cake making adventure, both the camera batteries were flat- grrrrrr!!

Anyway the cake turned out a treat and tastes great, so that was my day, not as relaxing as hoped but hey ho thats life I guess.

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  1. hello nice to see a new blogger :-) shame about your day but any day that ends in cake isnt that bad ;-) i will pop by again soon! Lesley x