Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hello, gosh it has certainly been a long time since my last post!  I still browse blogland almost daily but the urge to write a post has just not been there.  My blogging mojo has left the building that's for sure.

Things in the Gingercat house have been pretty good on the whole, no dramas to report.  Christmas passed in a blur and thankfully Spring is just around the corner. 

Just before Christmas we decided to get a kitten.  Mr P was an adamant no at first but slowly we managed to break him down and persuade him that we needed another puss around the house.  He is a little black kitten called Splat or Splatty as we all call him.  He is so funny and so very cute.  Poor old Pepe had her world turned upside down, and she is still not feeling the love for Splat.  She is much better than she was but still growls and mutters under her breath when he goes near her.  They will eat side by side now and I am sure in time they will tick along together just fine.  Here is is when we first brought him home, he has more than doubled in size now.

The chickens are all doing ok, they seemed to have survived their first Winter.  Nellie and Henny Penney have been moulting.  Poor old Nellie has been badly affected.  First her head and neck were completely bald, then the freaky pin feathers all start to poke through (she really did look like something from Hell Raiser) and now she is sporting a rather flouncy new hair do.  The front of her neck and chest is now bald so I think it will be a few more weeks before she is looking her best.  Egg production has stopped whilst they have been moulting, Henny Penney has just started to lay again last week.  I'm not sure what has happened to Doris, she went broody back at the end of September/beginning of October and hasn't laid an egg since!  Daisy has sadly lost interest in the chickens (they were after all part of her birthday present) so I seem to have taken on the role of chief hen carer!  I do enjoy seeing them everyday and talking to them, not so keen on cleaning up their poo everyday but hey ho a small price to pay for lovely fresh eggs.

We had our garden office delivered in September and it has made such a difference.  We no longer have all of Mr P's work files in our wardrobe or have his paperwork lying around.  I am still doing my admin work for preschool and I love shutting myself away down the end of the garden, working whilst the chickens peck on the door.  I can wait for the Summer that will be a treat working out in the garden.  I will take some pictures of the office as I think it looks really cosy and is such a nice place to sit and work.

Daisy and Alex are both doing well, Daisy will be moving schools in September so a really big year for her.  Alex is growing up fast and has decided to grow his hair into a longer more trendy "do".  He celebrated his 8th birthday back in January. 

We have booked a holiday to Florida in the Summer so have lots to look forward to. 

I am still enjoying my crafting, a granny blanket is my latest crochet project and I am working again on my kiss cushion cross stitch - still go a long way to go on both.

My bed is calling me, so until next time.



  1. Nice to see you back in blog land, the kitten sounds like lots of fun, and the garden office sounds lovely, I have a workshop in the garden and it is lovely to escape to. Looking forward to seeing you creations soon xx

  2. Hi Ali I wondered where you were, sounds like you've been ticking along. Nice to have you back in blogland
    Pene and Daisy x

  3. Nice to hear from you. Working in the garden sounds lovely, look forward to seeing some photos.

  4. What a lovely black kitten, he reminds me of Archie and of Leo, but we didn't have Leo so young. I hope Pepe gets more used to him soon - we love having two together but ours have always been together, it's always harder for the older one to get used to a new invasion! I love the sound of a garden office, we've been dreaming of one for years, I've got an emptyish shed at the end of the garden but it's not the same as a proper room. xx