Friday, 4 February 2011

Friday Catch Up

Hello, how is life treating you this windy Friday? Good I hope. Life is fine and dandy here in the gingercat house. I can't believe it's Friday again, the weeks just fly by at an alarming rate.
I haven't really been up to much this week, the first part of the week was spent trying to recover from the throaty thing that turned into a very hoarse throat and annoying cough. I was so tired with it too, which annoyed me the most. I hate having lots to do when I feel exhausted.

I did summons up the energy to go quilting on Monday, I have learnt how to applique and have sewn one of the two hearts onto my cushion. I need to sew the other heart on and join up the four squares before Monday's lesson.

I was very naughty on Monday evening, I popped to our local John Lewis to pick up a new saucepan handle that had been ordered but funnily enough I left JL's without the pan handle but with a very nice Cath Kitson craft bag, to take to quilting, a new cushion for the lounge and some cushion pads for our kitchen chairs. Well that's the last of my tax return earnings well and truly spent!
I have felt the need for a bit of a spruce up in general. Everything around the house seems a bit tired and in need of an uplift. My first mini project is to put a couple of really cheap shelves up in our boiler room cupboard, so that I can store my craft stuff and material stash in an orderly fashion. It is currently stuffed into carrier bags and boxes in all sorts of nooks and crannies around the house. Most of it is stuffed down beside the chair in the lounge, which I don't mind but it does look very messy. It's funny how most of the time you don't notice scruffy corners in your house but sometimes it's as though you look at things with fresh eyes and notice all the messy bits. That's been me this week - Mrs fresh eyes!

Do you like my new cushion. It has a little mustard coloured pom pom fringe.

My new craft bag, perfect size for taking all my stuff to quilting.
I also notice how grubby the bathroom looks, the blind is minging and the ceiling is in definite need of a lick of paint. So project two is to make a roman blind, give the bathroom tiles a massive clean and to paint the ceiling. I am also on the look out for a bathroom cabinet, I fancy something a bit shabby chic I think. We currently have an open shelving unit, which is great as it stores all sorts but blimey it gathers dust something chronic. I ordered a blind making kit today from Ebay and have bought some sailing boat fabric from CK, so that's the plan a bathroom spruce up.

Project 3 is to have three pieces of Daisy's bedroom furniture shabby chic'd. I have found a local guy who will do it all for £200, which I don't think is a bad price. The blanket box is being collected on Monday and is in most desperate need of tarting up. I was going to paint it white but last year I painted Daisy's bedside cabinet and it took an absolute age and didn't look that great when it was finished. The paint work is already badly knocked. I think a shabby chic paint job will freshen up the furniture and give it a new lease of life.

So there you go, three mini projects to get stuck into. I also am on a mission to sort out cupboards as I am so sick of them all being full up and totally disorganised. I am going to be a very busy girl by the sounds of it. All this freshening up and sorting out will hopefully be worth it as we still plan on selling at some point over the next year. Our house is nice but could do with a serious sort out of clutter and a quick freshen up.

I am off to a 40th birthday meal tonight, whilst poor old Mr P has to go and work. He probably won't get in until around 3am, so I guess that will mean tomorrow will be a non event sort of a day. My sister is babysitting tonight and staying over so maybe we will go out tomorrow with her whilst Mr P catches up on his ZZZ's. The downside of Mr P late night work is that I will have to stand on the cold football pitch tomorrow morning worst luck!.

One of the fish has died. We took a water sample down the to pet shop after school today and were told that we were over feeding them and that the ammonia levels and nitrates were too high. So, a 50% water change and no feeding for 4 days will hopefully get us back on track. I must admit I did have that slight smug "I told you so" face on with Mr P. So no more fish this week, that's for sure.
Have a great weekend whatever you get up to.

Till next time.




  1. Good luck with all your projects. I have several projects that I haven't started yet. It's all very sloooooow going. Love your craft bag btw. Have a brilliant w/end!

  2. Am also guilty of having unfinished stuff hanging around and also a sewing table covered in things I plan to use to make stuff.

    Love the craft bag - very pretty :)

    Have a good weekend xx

  3. Sounds like a plan!!! I think it's always great to have a plan, something to work towards. Me I've got a list as long as my arm of stuff to do, maybe if I can get myself organised I'll get "something" done!!
    Oh and love the bag, I chasing a bit of that fabric on ebay at the moment..fingers crossed
    Big hugs
    Pene x

  4. your new bags so pretty. I know wa you mean about seeing things with 'fresh eyes'. Sometimes I just have to blitz an area that has looked fine to me for ages, but then suddenly looks very messy x

  5. Hi Alison! I've loved getting all your comments and hope we can carry on over here. xxxx