Monday, 20 December 2010

A Proper Update

Good morning, it's amazing what a good nights sleep can do, I really couldn't be bothered last night to update my blog in the usual fashion, the thought of adding pictures was just too much. Anyway, I am feeling nicely refreshed and ready to upload a few pictures from the past two weeks.

Here is Alex out in the snow on Saturday, it was bitterly cold but it did not deter him from going out. Both the little ones wanted to go out but each time they did they only managed about ten minutes before coming in very wet and very very cold.

The back garden in all of it's snowy glory. The tropical plants are all being stored in the shed over winter, they even have their own heater to keep them warm. Can you spot the poor old tree fern. It is actually wrapped up apart from the leaves poking out the top, which apparently you can chop off in the Spring.

This was our road during the snow on Saturday.

I am planning on digging the car out this morning and trying to get to M & S to buy some party food and the last few bits needed for Christmas. I also need to do a normal weekly food shop at some point too. I think there is more snow forecast for this afternoon so I really do need to get my act together this morning. We are supposed to be going to a school friends for lunch today also, as we need to arrange Alex birthday party for January. I think he is having a shared football party with this particular school friend.

Here are some of my lovely advent swap presents from Pene.

Some lovely handmade note cards

A handful of colourful ribbons which will come in very handy.

A very sweet pewter pussy cat photo frame,

A selection of little charms.

A gorgeous handmade heart lavender bag.

A Christmas pudding tree decoration.

A little Christmas tree felt decoration. I also got some little wine glass charms which will come in very handy as I am having some mums from school over on Thursday for drinks and nibbles.
I am supposed to be going to my book club Christmas get together this evening but I do wonder if the weather will put a stop to it.
Right I'm going to get up and get on. I hope to post again before Christmas but should life get in the way of that then I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a very happy new year.
Till next time.


  1. Brrrrr. It was minus 9 when I went out this morning! You got some lovely things there. Have a great Christmas.

  2. your swap things are lovely x

  3. Have a great Xmas. See you soon. xx