Saturday, 19 June 2010

A Quick Hello

Just popped by to say a quick hello, its been a while since my last post.

Only one picture today, I haven't had the time to photograph anything, I have been busy decorating since Friday and we are nearly there I think. I feel like I have been trapped in Alex's bedroom for days, rather than just 48 hours.

I started Thursday afternoon, emptying out his room, it took me nearly 4 hours to sort through all of his toys and books. Some have gone to my sisters house for storage until his room is finished and his new bed is delivered, some toys and all of his beloved lego models are currently in our room. The upstairs in our house looks a total wreck at the moment. That is the joy of decorating I suppose.
This is the bed we have ordered for Alex, except his is being painted in a light sailing boat blue, it should look nice in his room. I managed to pop out to Laura Ashley today as they were having a 25% off of everything weekend. I bought Alex a duvet cover and blue stripped fitted sheet for his new bed, some woven blue storage boxes and a really sweet rug for his room. His room is wall papered in a pale blue paper which is covered in little dark blue stars. I will add some pictures once its finished and his bed is in situ.

Had a busy week, I did lots of crocheting during the first part of the week, the granny squares are adding up. I attempted to crochet a few together just to see how it's done and also to get a feel for how the blanket will look when it's finished. Good old Lucy at Attic24 she really is a marvel when it comes to all things crocheted. I undid the few squares that I joined and have decided to be patient and wait until the end before joining them. At least I know how to do it now.

I made a cushion cover on Tuesday for one of the cushions I use on the bench out in the garden. I did a simple envelope style cover and appliqued a beach hut on the front made from candy stripped bed sheet off cuts that I bought at the charity shop the other week. I was pleased with it, it wasn't stitch perfect but it only took just over an hour and it will only be used out in the garden so I didn't feel the need for total perfection! I will add a picture on my next post.

Well the little ones were packed off to Nanny and Grampy's house after school on Friday and won't be back until tomorrow evening. It's been a very quite house to say the least. I have enjoyed the time spent with just Mr P, it really took me back to how it used to be pre-children. We had 7 years together as a couple before children and I realised today that I do sometimes sort of miss the time you get before your little ones arrive. We had a nice lie in, and spent the day decorating listening to the radio and singing along to all the old 80's songs, enjoyed a nice meal together and we have both just enjoyed some time off from being parents. It has made me realise that all parents need a break sometimes however much you love your little ones. Saying all of that though it will be nice to see their little faces tomorrow and I'm sure Alex will be on a real high after seeing his bedroom.

We are all meeting up for a meal out for Fathers Day tomorrow evening with the In-laws and lovely sister in law and her boyfriend. They have just come back from Serrento in Italy the lucky devils - that's one place I am definitely going to without the kids!

Fathers day tomorrow, Mr P had his pressies on Friday as the little ones were going away. Happy fathers day to all the dads, I sadly lost my dad nearly 17 years ago, I miss him like mad still and and he will be in my thoughts tomorrow, he was a top dad, one in a million.

Till next time.


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  1. I lost my dad a long time ago too, to dementia before he actually passed away, which is just as much of a loss of the person, and it is hard on Fathers Day isn't it - I do try not to think about it too much and concentrate on the boys showing some appreciation to their dad instead! Your decorating sounds as if it's coming on really well - it's all worth it when the room is finished, we did my 12 year old's last year and got him an up-in-the-air bed and it all looks much more grown-up - he even keeps it tidy now (big cupboards from IKEA helped!). I quite agree about finding some couple-time - we too had 7 years before our boys came, although I can hardly remember how life was before them! xx